Winning Through Relationships in the Digital Era

Last Updated March 30th, 2023

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Relationship building is a time-tested and proven approach to earning life-long clients across industries – and the real estate industry is no exception. That being the case, why do so many real estate and mortgage businesses lean into transaction-focused workflows?

Real estate agents typically move prospects into a CRM, “nurture” them, move them through the transaction pipeline, close the deal, and detach from the relationship. This process does not bode well for long-term value — only 12-15% of clients transact with the same agent twice. No one likes to feel like a transaction.

Viewing buyers and sellers you’ve served as “homeowners under management” is a mindset shift worth making. They evolve into an ongoing investment versus a one-time purchase or sale transaction. When a client you helped become a homeowner knows you have time to help them after the sale, trust blossoms.

In the mindset of relationship building, the question isn’t: “How quickly can I close this deal?” It’s “How can I support this homeowner and build a network?”

We spoke with Rivers Pearce, CMO at Milestones Labs, real estate expert, and master of incorporating digital elements into relationship-driven workflows. Rivers also spent nearly 9 years with the real estate platform BoomTown. He provides countless light-bulb moments for real estate agents by introducing them to the Milestones philosophy.

Rivers has been of service to Fortune 500-level brands through digital marketing and continues to apply what he’s learned about humans and tech to help the real estate industry evolve. He provides the tools to move beyond the transaction mindset and build a network of loyal contacts.

Listen in to learn with Rivers:

  • How the language of customer experience has evolved over time
  • How to move beyond a transactional mindset to a homeowners-under-management mindset
  • How referral-based businesses have been disrupted by technology
  • Where you can adapt to physical and digital distance using humans in the era of smart technology
  • What it means to be a trusted advisor of your customers

Rivers Pearce, CMO, digital marketing, real estate, Milestones, Transactional Mindset quote, The Customer Experience Podcast

Winning Through Relationships in the Digital Era

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Listen to “245. Winning Through Relationships in the Digital Era w/ Rivers Pearce” on Spreaker.


Video Highlights with Rivers Pearce:

Check out the top five video highlights from our discussion about winning through relationships

1. Customer Experience and Imputed Value



2. Sitting on the Haystack of Opportunity



3. The Homewonwers Under Management Mindset



4. Understanding “Sphere of Influence”



5. Nod to Gibson, Fender, and Sweetwater



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Rivers Pearce, CMO, Milestones, The Customer Experience Podcast, customer enablement, team enablement, real estate, digital marketing



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