Real Estate CRM Success Story: BombBomb in Realvolve

Last Updated September 20th, 2016

Mark and Laura Anderson, Keller Williams real estate agents in Vadnais Heights, Minnesota, have been BombBomb customers for nearly four years.

Of the 1,000+ videos they’ve recorded and sent, Laura’s done nearly all of them.

Enter Realvolve‘s new BombBomb integration … and it all changes!

Get a quick story of real estate CRM success and learn more about how BombBomb videos can be recorded and sent from Realvolve.


“I just want to give a shout out to the Realvolve and the BombBomb people who got the two to integrate together.”

Hear what Laura has to say about having the BombBomb video recorder in their real estate CRM


While Laura’s been sending new lead follow ups, responsive and non-responsive lead check ins, home valuations, and much more over the past few years, Mark’s only been in their Happy Birthday videos (a smart and easy video touch, by the way).

But that’s all changed.

“My videophobic husband, Mark, who in four years has really just done videos with me – doing birthday videos, things like that, some fun things – has now done 72 videos of his own reaching out to past clients and sphere,” Laura told us.

Having sent one-to-one videos from the CRM over the past week or so, Mark’s generated four listing appointments. “How cool is that? Thank you so much!”

He’s also taking it further: “He loves going into Realvolve … he is actually – after doing the videos and sending it out through Realvolve – adding tags and adding them to workflows for follow up.”

As a consequence, Laura “couldn’t be better, couldn’t be happier.”


In the short video above, Laura mentions three new listing appointments from the BombBomb videos Mark’s been sending from Realvolve.

In a follow up email to me today, she noted a fourth. “I was jumping around all day yesterday after I saw how many (videos) he had done. And he’s got another listing appointment this morning.”


So How Many Videos Is He Sending?

Mark’s been sending 6 to 10 videos per day – in part because the recorder is right there inside his real estate CRM.

Each runs about 30 seconds – a simple hello/checking in message with little personal touches based on what he knows about the person, his or her job, his or her family, his or her travels, etc.

Here’s what their BombBomb “Videos” tab looks like …

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More about BombBomb inside Realvolve

In short: record and send new BombBomb videos or add any video from your BombBomb library inside the Realvolve real estate CRM.

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In more detail:

Realvolve Blog: Realvolve Integrates with BombBomb


More about Simple Video to Your Sphere

Your database is only as healthy as your relationships inside it. Simple video gives you a personal and powerful way to connect and communicate more effectively.

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A Poem about BombBomb

A big BombBomb Thank you! to Mark and Laura Anderson for being longtime friends, fans, and customers of BombBomb.

Here’s a crafty testimonial video she sent us last month as part of our customer success story contest.



Ethan Beute | About The Author

Chief Evangelist at BombBomb, host of The Customer Experience Podcast, and Wall Street Journal bestselling co-author of Human-Centered Communication and Rehumanize Your Business, Ethan Beute collects and tells stories of clearer communication, human connection, and higher conversion through simple, personal video messages. BA: University of Michigan. MBA: University of Colorado-Colorado Springs.

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