Tom Ferry: Biggest Problems Facing Real Estate Agents

Last Updated May 22nd, 2014

Real estate coach Tom Ferry shared a National Association of REALTORS® statistic: only one in three real estate agents has a CRM (customer relationship management tool).

This is just one of four problems he outlined at his Leadership Success Summit.

Watch the videos below for more detail about the problems and ways to address them with solutions.


The Biggest Problem Facing Real Estate Agents


The single biggest problem facing agents is that most are not using a CRM to manage their database of contacts.

Tom describes this challenge and offers solutions – including Contactually CRM. He goes into detail for how to manage contacts for recruiting and retention in the video.

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3 Other Problems Facing Real Estate Agents

These 3 problems are:

  • They don’t have a plan.
  • They have financial problems.
  • They don’t have enough prioritization/organization (time management).


Why This Matters

Tom and his team work with thousands of agents to help them be more effective, more productive, and more successful. The challenges he defines above have been culled from many and deep conversations with agents.

Brokers, owners, and managers who recognize these challenges and help agents overcome them will obviously be in an advantaged position for recruiting and retaining agents. It will also help their agents be more successful.

Agents can use this for an honest self analysis of their businesses and processes. Schedule a free coaching call by clicking right here.


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A big thank you to Tom Ferry and his team, who were wonderful hosts for the Leadership Summit. Click right here to see upcoming events.

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