Tips to Transition from Real Estate Agent to Agent Team

Last Updated March 24th, 2017

Making the transition from real estate agent to agent team. Is it the right thing for you? When, why, and how do you do it?

Kris Lindahl successfully made this transition with The Kris Lindahl Team with RE/MAX Results in Minnesota. Now, they’re a top 10 real estate team in the U.S. and ranked 12th in the world for RE/MAX.

A long-time friend and customer of BombBomb, Kris spent an hour with our team talking about the transition to agent team, marketing philosophy, video tips, and more.

In 3 short videos here, you’ll get tips on making the transition to an agent team model.

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Video length: 3:33, 1:16, 2:21
Takeaway: Tips and insights on making the transition to an agent team model.


Getting Started with the Agent Team Model

Watch this 3 minute 33 second video for ideas about why – and why not – to shift from being a real estate agent to leading an agent team.


Takeaways from This Video

>Teams are a loosely coined term.” A real estate agent team could be an agent with one admin, 100 agents, and anything in between.

> “To me, what’s important is having super successful people around me that are better at certain things than I am.”

> “The mistake that teams make is when they think more is better. More isn’t always better.” It’s not just about a team – it’s about the complementary pieces.

> “We have specialized people in different areas so the customer gets a better experience.”

> So many agents are trying to do everything on their own. When Kris was selling 175 houses on his own, the client experience was poor. He was burning through client relationships, because they “couldn’t get a hold of me for days.”

> The a-ha moment to shift from production to the consumer: “The biggest mistake agents make … is they start a team before they have a personal brand to support it.”

> The transition from agent to team was easy for him because they had a brand to support it. Per Kris, you can’t just recruit some agents and start buying leads – your brand, culture, vision, and following matter. “They have to want to support you.”

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Brand Consistency in the Agent Team Model

Watch this 1 minute 16 second video to learn about the power of a single, focused brand.


Takeaways from This Video

> The key way his agents get more listings is consistent branding.

> “The biggest mistake teams is their agents are all trying to build their own brand and so it’s really inconsistent.” And, as a consequence, “no one really wins.”

> “(Our brand) is really centralized around The Kris Lindahl Team. So, the brand is consistent. The message is consistent. The values, the vision, everything we’re doing is very consistent.”

> “When you start to do things that way, the consumer now gets behind one brand.” With 20 brands and 20 agents, the consumer gets confused and doesn’t know what he or she is getting behind.

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Challenges of Managing an Agent Team

Watch this 2 minute 31 second video to hear the answers to two related questions from one of our team members:

1. As the leader of the team, what’s one thing you’d wave a magic wand to fix?
2. What would your agents wave a magic wand and fix?


Takeaways from This Video

> To question 1: “People … successful sales people are hard to manage.”

> Per agent production on The Kris Lindahl Team is 45 transactions per agent. There’s friendly and not so friendly competition.

> Also, Kris had never managed 25 people before. Running a team is a much different job than being an agent.

> To question 2: “Me being around too much.” His presence gives many team members “whiplash.” “Dialing that back is the thing they’d want to wave that magic wand on.”

> Having been a successful agent himself, Kris often has higher expectations, which can lead to his own and his agents’ frustration.

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Learn More

> Click here to read “Build Your Team with Precision and Strategy,” a story about The Kris Lindahl Team recently published in RE/MAX’s ABOVE magazine.

> Keep an eye on the BombBomb blog, Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn. We’ll share marketing and branding tips from Kris soon.


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