The 30 Videos in 30 Days Challenge: 3 Ways to Do It

Last Updated June 26th, 2018

During BombCast Episode 25 with returning guest Jesse Peters, Jesse shared the benefits of the 30 Videos in 30 Days challenge. This is no easy challenge and takes a good amount of commitment to execute. Jesse says this challenge helped him improve with video and helped him grow his business. He did this challenge back in 2014 and decided just recently to do it again.


What does this challenge entail? You can go a couple of routes. Whether you’re community focused or client focused, you’ll see some great results from being consistent with video. Here are our suggestions.


30 Favorite Places in 30 Days

The specific 30 video challenge Jesse talked about during the BombCast was the 30 Favorite Places in 30 Days challenge. This challenge can lead to some great results. Jesse told us that many beneficial conversations were started from these videos. Here are some suggested steps for each video:

  • Travel to the place of the day
  • Shoot the video in front of the location (PRO TIP: Tell a story)
  • Post the video to all social channels
  • Tag the location in the post
  • If the location is a restaurant/shop, message them with the link to the post and ask them to share

Make sure that you keep up with comments from there, finding ways to start more conversations.


30 Local Businesses in 30 Days

The “Local Businesses” challenge is very similar to the “Favorite Places” option except the focus is solely on local businesses! As a real estate agent or sales professional, it is so beneficial to build relationships with local businesses. Here are a couple blog posts on the benefits:

By posting 30 videos on local businesses, you’ll not only showcase how well you know your area, but it’ll be evident that you CARE about the area. You’ll build trust with your community when you start promoting local businesses.


30 One-to-One Videos in 30 Days

The last video challenge you could try is 30 One-to-One Videos in 30 Days! For those of you who use BombBomb, this should be fairly easy. The goal is to send one-to-one videos to one prospect or client per day. Here are some video ideas:

  • Send a BombBomb video through Facebook Messenger to connect with a potential client
  • Send a follow-up video after a meeting with a client through a BombBomb email
  • Send a Happy Birthday video email to a past client to reconnect

Check out these articles on sending one-to-one videos to give you more inspiration for your 30 videos:

Use Video in Email and Text to Sell Cars
5 Reasons to Send Videos in Social Media Messages
LinkedIn Communication Tips from a Successful Sales Coach

Once you get started on your videos, you’ll notice yourself becoming more comfortable! Your videos will improve with practice. One last tip Jesse gave was to find ways to stay accountable. He posts on social media and tells people that he’ll be posting 30 videos for 30 days. You could also have a friend or coworker send you regular reminders to help keep you on track.

If you don’t already have a BombBomb account, you can start a free trial today:

Aside from being an amazing Realtor, Jesse is giving back to the real estate community in his spare time with his educational site, REVideo Studio. REVS is a community where real estate professionals learn, use, and master video for real estate success. To get connected with the REVs community, join their Facebook group now!

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