More Professional Communication Can Be Simple

Last Updated October 9th, 2017

How do you make a professional impression with someone dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of miles away? Through simple video messages.

Sure you can send professional communication as an email or a voicemail, but will the person on the other end understand you? More importantly, will the person on the other end feel connected to you? Or experience how you present yourself in person? Nope.

Take it from Phillip Gibson of Gibson Realty in Asheville, North Carolina: video says it better, especially with new leads.

In his first 100 days with BombBomb, he recorded and sent nearly 300 videos. This effort’s helping him win over clients from all over the country, even before they meet him or visit the area. This type of simple video message “allows me to communicate professionally with my clients,” says Phillip.

And “professional” isn’t his word. It comes in replies to his video emails. “The word that’s used over and over again is ‘professional.’”

See the unsolicited “thank you” video he sent us recently, then read how his prospects and clients respond to his videos.

Read time: 2 minutes 30 seconds
Watch Time: 2 minutes 36 seconds
Takeaway: More professional communication can be as simple as a simple webcam video.


Simple Video for More Professional Communication


Professional Communication with New Leads

Phillip generates online leads from a wide geographical area. He reaches out by phone, then sends a personal, one-to-one video.

“My client base is from all over the country … many of them have never been to western North Carolina, or seen North Carolina,” says Phillip.

The process he’s developed allows him to build rapport with people when they’re not in his area. Video conveys not just your message, but also your personality, mannerisms, and other things that simply do not come across in a regular email or in a voicemail. It differentiates him from competitors and generates a higher response rate.

One client’s response to one of Phillip’s videos:
“I would like to add that you using a video email was very nice and feels like a very effective way to respond. Your comments and thoughts would not have come across at all the same in a text email. Very innovative and professional.” – Bruce


Professional Communication to Build Trust

Phillip’s prospects are most often aged 55 and older and are unfamiliar with the area. When they have specific questions, he uses video to answer them in a more direct and human way.

This allows people to get to know him as a trusted advisor rather than as “just another real estate agent.” And it’s often faster and easier simply to talk to someone through a webcam video than it is to type out the information. It’s delivered in a more conversational way that’s easy to understand.

Another client’s response to one of Phillip’s videos:
“Phil, Thank you. Your video was very informative.” – Geraldine


Professional Communication to Improve Customer Experience

Typical communication between agents and their customers consist of email, phone calls, and maybe text messages. Mixing in some video demonstrates that you’re ahead of the average agent. It often impresses prospects and clients who’ve not yet received a one-to-one video response or update.

Because it helps you communicate more clearly and connect more effectively, simple videos can make you and your message memorable.

Another client’s response to one of Phillip’s videos:
“Thank you for the video, Phillip. It is nice meeting through technology. I appreciate your prompt and professional service.” – Dean


More professional communication doesn’t have to take more time or cost more money. It can be as simple as a webcam or mobile video – with a sincere smile, helpful information, and true differentiation.

A big BombBomb Thank You! to Phillip Gibson for sharing his story and his clients’ responses.

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