Product Premiere Webinar

Last Updated November 15th, 2018

With all the new product features and updates that our team has worked on, it was time for a product premiere webinar! During the webinar we covered upgrades to replies and responses, Gmail, Outlook, Android, iPhone, and more.

Overall, the goal of BombBomb is to Rehumanize communication. And video is just the means to this end. We want to help you rehumanize your sales process and rehumanizing the customer experience you’re providing. We started off the webinar talking about our Core Competencies here at BombBomb. They include: Speed to Video, Works Where You Do, Engagement at Scale.

Because of our goal and our core competencies, we’ve worked hard on the new features covered during the webinar.


You need to hear back from people. Ethan explains how, after a couple of survey’s, “87% of people are getting more replies to their emails when they include video.” But we wanted to make it even easier for people to respond so that statistic is even better. Re/Actions was born during what we like to call Hack Week. During Hack Week, we allow our developers to get creative and work on a specific project for an entire week. During our 2018 Hack Week, Re/Actions was one of the pitched ideas. And it was so good, we developed it further.

Re/Actions allows your recipients to respond easily as well as react to your video! Learn all about Re/Actions in the video below:

Gmail Update

During the webinar we discovered that, apart from the BombBomb app itself, a lot of people are using Gmail to access BombBomb. Our goal is to help you have a similar experience no matter where you’re using BombBomb  – so it’s easy to use all the time. We discuss both old and new features of gmail during the webinar including:

-Better tracking: Starting now, you’ll be able to quickly find a lead who watched your video from months ago. When was your email opened? Who watched the video? How many times was the video viewed? Fast forward to minute 15 of the webinar to get more in-depth details on this from Steve.

Watch our promo video below to get a better idea of all you can do with BombBomb inside of Gmail:

Screen Recorder

Surprisingly, a lot of customers didn’t know they had to ability to record their screen with BombBomb. This feature has been available for almost a year now. Screen Recorder allows you to record what’s happening on your screen while your face is still visible in a little bubble at the bottom of the screen. You can show customers where to sign documents or how to access a certain portal. It’s a great tool to have. Fast forward to minute 20 of the webinar to get some pro tips on using screen recorder.

You can also get a quick introduction to Screen Recorder by watching our promo video below:



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