Tips to Become a Better Podcast Guest and Host

Last Updated December 20th, 2021

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Don’t overthink it. Don’t second guess yourself. Just get started.

Podcasting can seem daunting — it can be difficult to know where to begin. But like everything in life, practicing over time is the way to develop your skills and improve. That won’t happen if you never try. The reality? Your show probably won’t be purchased by Spotify or a huge SaaS company. And it likely won’t generate hundreds of leads for you in the first month, either.

But what it will do? Your podcast will help you build relationships and grow a community.

Today’s guest is Collin Mitchell. Collin is the CRO at Salescast and the host of The Sales Transformation Podcast. Collin wants CROs and sales leaders to understand the value podcasting represents. For him, and others like him, a podcast isn’t just a shiny new content object — it’s an opportunity to drive revenue and build community.

Collin began his career in sales at 22 years old. And he worked his way up to VP of Sales by the time he was just 24. Today, he shares how investing in himself over time has helped him show up as the best version of himself for his guests and to find professional success.

Collin also talks about how the podcast guest experience relates to the customer experience as he walks us through all things podcasting from getting started, using video, top hosting tips, to how a podcast contributes to revenue. He also discusses tactics for creating a great guest experience through active listening, deep questions, and similar mindful strategies.

Whether you’re guesting or hosting, you’ll get plenty of practical podcast tips here.

Collin and I also talk about:

Why landing in the top 10% of podcasts is achievable
How podcasts build relationships and create communities
Why video is important in the podcasting process
What CROs and sales leaders should think about podcasts
How to start your first podcast and misconceptions to overcome



Tips to Become a Better Podcast Guest and Host

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Listen to “175. Tips to Become a Better Podcast Guest and Host w/ Collin Mitchell” on Spreaker.



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Video Highlights: Tips to Become a Better Podcast Guest and Host

Check out the top five video highlights from the discussion with Collin Mitchell


1. CX is a Good Experience — Regardless of the Outcome



2. Video Messages for Sales and for Podcasting



3. Tips to Start Guesting on Podcasts



4. A Great Podcast Host is a Great Listener



5. Professional Gains Through Personal Development


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