Peoplework: Putting People First with Video

Last Updated May 30th, 2014

BombBomb’s Ethan Beute joined dotloop CEO & founder Austin Allison and dotloop Chief Peopleworker, Curaytor co-founder, and Watercooler co-host Chris Smith for a webinar about how to put people first with video.

Learn about four principles of Peoplework: P2P Replaces B2B & B2C, Human Companies Win, Purpose Before Technology, and Quality Creates Quantity. Then, hear stories and see examples of real estate brokers and agents living these principles out with simple videos, which are a great add to any effort to build relationship.


Peoplework 1 of 4: Intro & Principles

Chris Smith opens up the webinar, runs through quick intros and an agenda, then turns it over to Austin Allison to bring to life four of the ten principles.


Peoplework 2 of 4: P2P & Human Business Examples

Chris recaps the Person to Person principle, then turns it over to Ethan Beute, who shares two stories and examples of people living out the principle with iPhone videos. They do the same for Human Businesses Win.


Peoplework 3 of 4: Purpose & Quality Examples

Chris recaps the Purpose Before Technology principle, then Ethan shares the story of a RE/MAX agent who sent 16 video emails in 1 hour with a clear purpose: relationship. They do the same for Quality Creates Quantity.


Peoplework 4 of 4: Question & Answer Session

Chris and Ethan take questions from the webinar audience about video, marketing, and the principles.


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