“People Don’t Buy Per Square Foot, They Buy a Story” – Listing Video Tips

Last Updated February 13th, 2018

Go for it. Go all in. Do it right. Revamping listing videos is the new, innovative way of capturing clients in a competitive real estate market. Creating live videos shows a level of expertise that will set you apart from the competition. But, that doesn’t make it easy. Principal Broker and owner of the Ladd Group, Brian Ladd who earned his spot on the Top 50 Real Estate Video Influencer’s knows how to set the stage and invest in all the right corners to create the most memorable and beautiful videos.

#5 in the Home Tour Category, Brian showcases his listings with tranquil, aerial shots and is able to connect audiences through his authenticity.

Let’s hear what he has to say…

Starting out in a brand new market in 2010 and becoming the #1 agent, Brian believes video was an essential part of his success. With his combination of storytelling and the ability to connect buyers to the unique features of a home, Brian brings the personal element to his Home Tour videos on Facebook and Youtube.

In the 8 minute video, Brian gives two main points on how to make incredible, captivating videos that can make you the top agent in your market.

  1. Tips for choosing a videographer
  2. Tips to make your videos unique

Finding a Video Pro

How to Choose the Correct Videographer

Brian gives his advice on how to choose the right videographer – “get lucky and invest.”

He encourages others in real estate to go above and beyond. He said, “everyone is going to make the basic investment, so step out ahead of the industry, invest the money and work will a true production company.” Instead of hiring someone from TV to shoot your video, hire a creative marketing company. If they’ve got the right equipment to do it right like gyroscopes, pans, etc.You can make a high quality video in a reasonable amount of time.

A great example of this is a company that Brian recommends, Outlaw Partners. Brian works with companies like Outlaw Partners, that understand real estate and have experience filming with high level firms that sell $20 million homes, so he can “carbon copy” these videos to create his own.

This is the time to show and tell the industry and public what you know. He said, “the house is your stage.”

Make Your Videos

How to Make Your Videos Unique

“People get so caught up in memorizing scripts that they look like a robot.” Don’t be that person! Brian is not scripted and uses 2-3 bullet points to show off the elements of featured rooms in the video. He really emphasizes the importance of going unscripted in order to be as natural as possible.

Brian also likes to add personal elements to his videos. He says body language and really connecting with the buyer is what will help sell the home. Create authentic statements to capture the craftsmanship and let them discover the home. Brian lets the buyer know what makes the house different from other options and through that he tells a story.

“People don’t buy per square foot, they don’t buy bedroom bathroom counts, they buy a story.”


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