Feature Highlight: Password Protection for Added Security and Privacy

Last Updated June 9th, 2022

Your clients, friends, and family entrust you with a great deal of sensitive information. From confidential details of their lives to personally identifiable information (PII), you’re considered a trusted advisor. And that’s why BombBomb now offers Password Protection. Password Protection adds more privacy and security to safely maintain your communication details — giving you more freedom to create authentic content for the people who matter most.


The Industry Benefits of Password Protection

When we introduce a new feature to BombBomb, its impact on our users will always be the top priority. BombBomb videos are encrypted at rest and in motion — securing your content while en route and once your recipient receives it.

Adding a password for protection can help further safeguard the details in your videos and benefit you by…

Preventing unauthorized access to the contents of your video messages
Demonstrating that you value data safety and security
Offering your recipients piece of mind that their data is protected
Protecting data from increasing global cyber attacks


Video Data Security

Data security is critical, especially in virtual, digital, and online environments. In fact, according to TechJury, over two thousand cyber-attacks happen globally each day — putting massive amounts of private information at risk. So how can that risk be mitigated?

In addition to offering Password Protection, BombBomb also…

Conducts security event management
Utilizes data loss prevention software
Performs comprehensive background checks on all employees and contractors
Requires employees to attend annual security training
Completes monthly user account monitoring & reviews


How to Password Protect a Video With BombBomb

Now that you understand the value of password protection and some additional layers of security that help keep your content safe let’s talk about how to password protect a video message in BombBomb.

First, log in to your BombBomb account using the BombBomb Google Chrome Extension or the BombBomb web application. Your Dashboard will open immediately. Then, head to your videos tab to view your Video Library. After that, click on the “Share” icon next to the video you’d like to protect with a password.

From here, you’ll see your video Privacy Settings. Select “Password Protection” to protect the privacy of your video. Finally, enter the password you want to use for the selected video and click “Update.” You’re all set — the video will only be visible to people who have the password you create!


Password Protection Use Cases

Protecting PII, confidential information, and data is fundamental to building the trust that leads to healthy, long-term business relationships. You want the important people in your sphere of influence to understand you take their privacy seriously.

So what are some instances where you should use a password to protect your video content?

When reviewing sensitive documents containing PII
While explaining industry processes
For reviewing any financial material
During contract evaluation
When internally reviewing the details of company policies
For internal communication discussing specific client information
For internal communication discussing specific employee concerns


5 Tips to Create a Strong Password 

Successfully protecting your content requires more than using the same basic password repeatedly. Check out these five tips to create a strong password that’ll help prevent unauthorized access to your videos.

1. Don’t use the same password for every video

2. Be creative — don’t use words or phrases that anyone can easily decipher

3. Use at least eight characters

4. Include at least one letter, one number, and one special character in every password

5. Save your passwords in a password manager like LastPass


Investing in Password Protection

Adding features to existing technology can be a complex process. It often takes more than building lines of code. In fact, adding a password protection feature to existing BombBomb software involved creating an entirely new delivery network.

But what were some other less technical developmental elements considered during the process of creating Password Protection?

Customer Opinion

The first step in developing a password protection feature was deciding if it would be worth the cost and effort. Customer requests were the primary driver, specifically from users in advisor positions. With something as critical as data security, there was no question that the result would be invaluable to current and future BombBomb users.

User Experience (UX)

How effortlessly users can implement a feature, its appearance, and the overall functionality have a powerful impact on its success. When it came to adding a password protection feature, some of the initial UX considerations were:

How can users configure the password while sharing a video? (This prevents toggling back and forth between screens.)
How can users who don’t want to add password protection bypass the feature so it doesn’t disrupt their UX?
How can we communicate a slight processing time?

Message Authenticity 

BombBomb Director of Information Technology Dr. Erik Huffman was an early advocate for integrating Password Protection. And he says that adding this additional layer of security was another way to honor the details of what users and their recipients see as important.

You see, video messaging requires a level of authenticity to be effective. And to genuinely show up for the important people in your life means speaking freely. It means you can communicate without worrying about the safety and privacy of the details you include in your communication. (Click here to learn more about creating authentic videos people want to watch.)


Experience Password Protection For Yourself

BombBomb Password Protection enhances the privacy of your video messages. And because you don’t have to worry about the security of your content, you can spend more time on the things that matter most to your business.

Still not using BombBomb to build trust, strengthen your relationships, and keep in touch over time? Click here for a free two-week trial.

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