Partner Spotlight – Streamline & Humanize Your Real Estate Transactions with dotloop

Last Updated July 25th, 2018

Each month, we will be featuring one of our BombBomb integrations to explain how their platform works, and how it integrates within BombBomb. This month’s featured software integration partner is Dotloop. The team at Dotloop has worked hard to create the only all-in-one real estate transactions management solution that gives brokers and teams full visibility into their business with robust compliance and reporting tools while empowering agents to get deals done faster through a single platform.

On behalf of dotloop, Sr. Product Manager, Cameron Swiggett, answered our questions below!

Cameron headed the SMS text messenger feature functionality from the beginning. He is a self-taught engineer and data enthusiast with a dual major in Economics and History from New York University, and an MBA recipient from UC Berkeley Haas School of Business’ full-time program.

real estate transactions

What does your company do?

Seamless, end-to-end transaction management platform enabling agents to create, edit, share, eSign and gain compliance via one collaborative system.

Who is the ideal customer for your service?

Real Estate agents and brokers

What is one feature that makes your product unique in your industry?

Dotloop is the industry’s only truly end-to-end holistic platform for all real estate professionals, including agents, brokers, admins and third-party providers. We provide a fully integrated transaction management platform that eliminates paperwork, enables seamless collaboration, and increases productivity and compliance. With dotloop, all parties can create, share, eSign and store documents anywhere in real time to close deals faster and more efficiently.

Tell us about your integration with BombBomb, and why you see it as a value add for your customers?

BombBomb provides a necessary function of helping agents tell their brand story via video and emails, while dotloop helps them complete the transaction and close the deal.

BombBomb has five core values (relationships, fun, humility, flexibility, and service) which core value aligns most with your company culture, and how?

Relationships because we’re all about building collaborative partnerships with agents, admins, brokers and third-party providers.


real estate transactions

Start transacting with your clients and colleagues today using dotloop’s new SMS texting feature.

Begin by downloading the app:


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