Overcome Your Fear & Improve Your Sales Process with Video Email

Last Updated July 24th, 2017

This spring, we sent an email to clients who’ve recorded and sent at least 500 videos and asked them what their very best tips to help people just getting started with video.

We got an overwhelming response from so many of our customers, and decided to create a guide that contained all of their answers, to help you improve your sales process for the better!

The most common tip we heard?

Just do it, be yourself, people aren’t worried about what you look like or sound like, they care about who you are as a person and how trustworthy you seem!

One of the responses we received was from Chris Impson who specializes in Internet Automotive Sales at Mike Johnson’s Toyota in Hickory, North Carolina. Chris understands the importance of building and maintaining a foundation of “know, like, and trust” with your new leads, prospects, and past customers.

It is obviously fundamental to making money in vehicle sales. It helps sellers connect with leads. Convert them into car buyers. And stay in touch to generate more repeat and referral business.

So what’s the best way to make this happen? Simple one-to-one video communication. Chris is a pro at this, and has sent almost 1,500 videos since starting with BombBomb in 2016!

See Chris’s tips to for anyone new to using video email below!

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Watch time: 2:22
Key takeaway: Don’t be afraid to be yourself on camera, it’ll help you build relationships, convert leads, and close more deals!



People Only Care If You’re Genuine

So many of us care about what we look like, and what we sound like when we’re recording a video. Chris admits that when he first started using video email, he was scared to death! But he soon realized that people only care about how genuine you truly seem.

When people are able to see and experience your personality through the power of video, they can determine what it might be like to work with you, and determine if you’re someone they deem as trustworthy.


Show that You’re Unique and Relatable

“When you show vulnerability, and you show your personality, that you are genuine, brand yourself, and show that you’re a little different, it can be the actual difference you need. The difference for you to make the sale, to make the connection, and to not be forgotten!” In other words – don’t be afraid to be yourself!

Don’t feel the need to wear a suit, fix your hair, or wear a ton of makeup! Record your video exactly as you are. Include your family, your dog, or anything that shows you and your personality. People will see you as a real person instead of just another sales person, and it’ll help you shine!


Know Your End Goal

Chris recommends having an intention when recording your video. Start with the end in mind. Know your end goal – what you want to accomplish with that video message. Are you trying to get them to schedule an appointment, give or get more information, sign up for a particular webinar, or simply know you’re available whenever you need them?

By determining your call to action before sending your video, you’ll be able to keep your request short, sweet, and to the point, without ever needing to use a script.


Don’t Use a Script

Finally, Chris mentions how important it is not to use a script! He explains that people can see your eyes moving back and forth on the screen, and as a result, see your video as inauthentic. In our guide, “Overcome your Fear & Grow Confidence on Camera,” Drake Cruz discusses how he instead uses post-it notes to remember key messages he wants to point out.


Try This Out Today

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You can send by email or text messages (with our mobile app), with your webcam or smartphone (or upload any video you’ve got), to one person or your entire database – and track all your results.

Give it a try.


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