Overcome Your Fear and Grow Your Confidence When Sending Video Email

Last Updated July 3rd, 2017

Becoming comfortable with the way you look and sound on-camera is a hard feat and we totally get that! But it’s not about being perfect. Instead, it’s about showcasing your true, authentic self and the fact that you genuinely care about your clients and their needs. Sending video email with confidence differentiates you from competitors, because no one else’s video is like yours.

We created this guide because we know how intimidating that record button may seem. But as intimidating as it may seem, video is a game-changing approach that helps you communicate more clearly, connect more effectively, and close more deals. In the download below, you’ll see some of the best tips that we’ve gathered by working with tens of thousands of sales professionals over the past decade. Each of them was once in your same position. Most are now saving time and improving results with video!

Watch the video below to find out how to overcome your fear of video!



Get the guide to learn:

  • How a few simple body movements can improve your mood, confidence, and motivation in your videos.
  • The simple “5-second rule” for consistency and focus in your videos, no matter the obstacles or distractions you face.
  • What not to do to make your videos more engaging and impactful (HINT: this is the exact opposite of what most so-called “video experts” would tell you to do).
  • How to look your best on camera without spending thousands of dollars on equipment and lighting.
  • The best times & situations to send video to build trust, rapport, and authority with your prospects, customers, and your existing database of contacts.


Download the guide by clicking here.


And click here to watch Ashley’s webinar on the same exact topic!


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