How One-To-One Video Emails Can Change Your Business

Last Updated May 14th, 2014


Of the many ways that individuals, businesses, and organizations are using BombBomb, one-to-one video emails are the most powerful. Simple and personal, these sends help you build relationships in a different way.


To help illustrate this idea and bring it to life, we invited RE/MAX agent, Mobile Agent TV co-host, and BombBomb customer Michael Thorne to join us for a webinar. We share several examples of his and start to understand why one-to-one videos are the “most impactful” way his team uses BombBomb.


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Thanks to Valerie Garcia from RE/MAX Ontario-Atlantic for sharing this screen grab.



One-To-One Video Emails: Part 1 of 5

Quick intro, background, live one-to-one video email send, examples of larger video email sends



One-To-One Video Emails: Part 2 of 5

Examples of personal one-to-one video emails for thanks, referrals, appointments, transactions, and more



One-To-One Video Emails – Part 3 of 5

Places to shoot simple videos, Ethan’s observations, Michael’s takeaways



One-To-One Video Emails – Part 4 of 5

Q&A part 1 – customer testimonials, texting videos, email designs, & more



One-To-One Video Emails – Part 5 of 5

Q&A part 2 – editing emails, email delivery, Google Chrome extension, extra equipment, & more



See Examples of Michael’s One-To-One Video Emails

Click here to see examples of videos (note: this is just a BombBomb email used as a landing page)



Michael’s 3 Top Takeaways: Why One-To-One

  • How it makes people feel: look for opportunities to provide a unique, differentiating experience
  • How imperfection adds value: real and raw videos are more valuable and honest compared to polished videos
  • How it fits into my day to day: easy to work it in, just pick up my phone, faster than typing



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Why Michael Is Awesome

Aside from the fact that he’s a fan and friend of BombBomb and receives absolutely no financial consideration from us whatsoever, he does things like this …

He wanted to open the webinar with a live, one-to-one video email send. When we introduce the idea (in Part 1 above), 45 people sent in their email addresses. He sent a video to Steve in London, Ontario, who put his email address in first. Later that afternoon, he followed up with all 44 of the other people with personal iPhone videos through BombBomb.

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