No Need to Edit Your iPhone Video with Mobile App Upgrades

Last Updated June 2nd, 2017

You asked, we listened!

You want to record and send more iPad and iPhone video. You want to be able to show and explain things more dynamically. But you don’t want to have to edit your video before sending.

With our latest iOS mobile app upgrades, you can pause and restart a recording in one, continuous clip. And you can flip from the front camera to the rear camera on the fly – while you’re recording!

Showing a home, a car, a piece of furniture, or anything else you want to show a prospect or client has never been faster or easier!



Below, see an overview of this iPhone video update and see how these two new features.

Notice the variety of different locations and backgrounds from an office, around the BombBomb headquarters, and out on the street in downtown Colorado Springs. It’s all done with flipping and pausing to see the person and the location.

This helps people feel like they are actually there with you, experiencing everything you’re also experiencing. Showing exactly what you want to show. With no need to edit!


iPhone Video at BombBomb with Camera Pausing and Flipping


Imagine what this feature does for your business. Shorten your videos by recording only what you want to record. Increase face time with the front-facing camera, but show people products, places, and more with the rear-facing camera. Captivate your viewers’ attention, while enhancing their experience!

These iPhone video features obviously translate to just about any business. Below, see three examples – one for the automotive industry, and two for the real estate industry.


1 iPhone Video Example for Automotive

Having recorded and sent more than 750 videos, Kinny Landrum (link: from Toyota of Bowling Green is a BombBomb pro! In the video below, Kinny uses this new and amazing feature to send a customer a video of a car that he had seen, but his wife had not! Kinny showcases the Toyota Camry SE and all of its additional luxuries in both the interior and exterior of the car.

At 2:15 seconds in, Kinny takes advantage of the pause feature to show his client the facility he works at and the service department they could potentially use in the future if they select this particular car.


2 iPhone Video Flip Example for Real Estate

We recruited Melanie, a BombBomb team member, to help us showcase some of these features as an agent would use them.

Melanie’s use of the flip camera in this mock situation is perfect! She starts off the video with the camera facing her in her car and explains how she just drove by the home, and wanted to send a video quick video because she knew it would be the perfect fit.

She finishes off the video by explaining that the owners are extremely motivated to sell and requests that the buyers schedule a walk-through soon.

If Melanie had wanted to make this a longer video and show off the inside, she could have paused the recording, and shown each room individually. She could have even paused the video again, and shown off the backyard!


3 iPhone Video Pause and Flip Example for Real Estate

Like Melanie, Alli is also a BombBomb team member who created an example to explain how agents might want to use this particular feature!

In this mock example, Alli uses both the pause and flip feature to show off a new home that perfectly fits her client’s need. While this video is for a particular customer, Alli could have used less personal verbiage so she could reuse the clip for other buyers she’s connected with. Her use of the pause feature allows her to keep the video short and sweet, while still giving the clients a detailed preview of the home itself.


If you have any great examples of how your utilizing the pause and flip feature in your BombBomb app, please let us know! We love seeing real people winning with video.


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