Newsletter Analytics: Clicks on Faces Overperform by 78.98%

Last Updated July 31st, 2015

What’s the most fascinating thing to people? Other people!

Take a look at some video email newsletter analytics showing our attraction to people’s faces and to stories about people.

When you send emails and video emails with BombBomb, you know how many clicks you get, where those clicks were made, and who performed those clicks.

You can segment based on clicks and non-clicks. You can get real-time alerts based on clicks. And you can see a live notifications feed in the mobile app as people click on your sends.

Here’s a quick rundown on the 78.98% overperformance of people’s faces (and stories about people) in our video email newsletter sends. 


Newsletter Analytics: Clicks on People’s Faces


About Our Newsletter

We send a newsletter twice each month. We segment our database four ways – twice by industry and twice by customer status.

For each segment of people, we include one video, which touches on the lead story and other highlights of the newsletter.

Then, we drop in 3 key stories, each with a prominent image.

And we close with upcoming webinars and social links.

We’ve been using this format since the beginning of June. You can see a couple examples lower in this post.


Early Analytics: It’s About People and Faces

I noticed after our first send that stories featuring individual people generated lots of clicks.

Here’s a roundup of video email newsletter analytics from 12 sends (June, mid-June, and July – each to 4 segments).

Key Stories featuring individual people’s faces: 16
Total Key Stories: 36
Share of Faces: 44.4%

Clicks on Key Stories featuring People’s Faces: 2,060
Total Clicks on Key Stories: 2,590
Share of Clicks on Faces: 79.5%

So, faces represented 44.44% of click opportunities (16 of the 36 positions), but delivered 79.54% of the clicks.

Stories about people featuring people’s faces overperformed their click opportunities by 78.98%.

Even when you include the top story, the webinars, the social links, and the links to, clicks on these faces represented 54.5% of all clicks across those 12 emails.

People are interested in other people.


Two Examples: Clicks in Video Email Newsletters


Click Map of One Segment of the June Newsletter

In this newsletter, a face leads only 1 of the 3 key stories. That 33% opportunity resulted in 71.34% of clicks in that area and 54.27% of clicks in the email overall.

That’s a 114% overperformance in the key stories area.

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NOTE: BombBomb produces this click map for all your emails in the “Track” screen of each email. 

Click Map of One Segment of the July Newsletter

In this newsletter, a face leads only 1 of the 3 key stories. That 33% opportunity resulted in 88.68% of clicks in that area and 61.04% of clicks in the email overall.

That’s a 166% overperformance in the key stories area.

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1. Behind the Click

Who you’re sending to. How often you send. Quality of what you’ve been sending. The image, headline, set up, and button copy for that particular click. Position of the click in the email. Color of the button. Video driving the click.

So many factors go into the click.

Over 12 sends to tens of thousands of people, though, human faces have shown a strong attraction of clicks.

When you’re considering images, consider people and faces.


2. More than the Face

People want to know other people. They want to connect with other people. They want to learn from other people.

The overperformance here is as much about learning about how other people are using video and seeing their examples as it is about their faces. The faces represent the stories.

People are fascinated by people. Talk about people. Write about people. Feature people. You have this opportunity, no matter your business or industry.


3. Video Delivers Face

Also consider video. These email newsletters produced thousands of video views.

And in a recent survey of video email senders, about 90% reported a lift in clicks-through video emails compared to traditional emails. 


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