3 Reasons New Home Builders Find Success with Video

Last Updated February 26th, 2020

During any sales process, especially one that includes one of the biggest financial decisions of a person’s life, anxiety can obviously run high.

Buying, customizing, and building a new home certainly qualifies here.

New home builders are easing anxiety and seeing more success by “putting a face to the name,” communicating more clearly, and managing emotion and tone with video messaging.

Hear it first hand from three new home specialists. You’ll see how these new home builders are using simple video messages to hold more appointments, build better relationships, and convert more leads.

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Takeaway: 3 reasons new home builders are improving sales with simple videos


3 Reasons New Home Builders Win with Video

In reaching out to prospects and clients with simple video messages instead of or as a complement to voicemails, emails, and text messages, sales professionals for new home builders are:

  • Reducing anxiety
  • Increasing accountability
  • Building connection
  • More!

Watch the videos below from three new home specialists to learn more about these benefits being enjoyed by sales professionals reaching out in a more personal and human way throughout the sales process.


Story 1: Reducing Anxiety and Improving Customer Experience

Danielle Lipari-Mareth, New Home Specialist – Pacesetter Homes

In addition to providing a powerful insight into overcoming your fear of video, Danielle expresses and elaborates on these ideas:

“I use BombBomb constantly. I’ve found so many ways it helps me in my business.”

“It gives that personal touch. I use it for follow up to thank people for coming and seeing me.”

“I use it to stay in touch with my folks waiting for their home to start.” Even if she doesn’t have specific updates, it lets them know she’s thinking about them.

“I know that getting that video is going to make their visit feel even more special and it’s going to make their home buying process a little more fun. It’s going to make walking through the door for that first appointment a little less scary.”


Story 2: Increasing Appointments Kept

Robin Kroencke, New Home Specialist – Pacesetter Homes

In her video above, Robin talks about getting over her anxiety on camera and reducing appointment no-shows with video emails.

“It’s changed my career. It’s changed my successes.”

“It’s like leaving a voicemail for someone, but through video – which is much more personal.”

“I truly believe it’s increased my home sales. People genuinely reach out after I send a video.”

“I know long term it has created a referral basis, just from the impression it leaves with people.”

“I’m just so grateful for BombBomb.”


Story 3: Converting Leads More Successfully

Emma Parsons, New Home Specialist – Brookfield Residential

“It just makes my job a lot more successful.”

“By sending (new leads) BombBomb videos, it allows them to see that there’s an actual human being behind the emails and phone calls. So, they’re more likely to respond.”

“I can go out to a community or a home that I know a lead was interested in” to record and send a mobile video.

“The staff and everyone at BombBomb are very helpful. They’re invested. THey’re interested in how it’s working for you, if it’s working for you, and how to improve your experience.”


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Reason 1: Reducing Anxiety

“Walking in and talking to a salesperson is usually something people dread.” – Danielle

Let’s face it – if you’re a salesperson, people often approach you with a bit of anxiety and with a bit of a guard up. But you’re not an intimidating person, you don’t have an intimidating persona, and you do have value to provide. However, new leads may not get that clearly through voicemails, emails, or text messages.

With a video introduction, video follow up, or video appointment reminder, you can break down that wall and make the sales process much easier – and more successful.

Listen to Danielle, Robin, and Emma above to understand more about how a simple webcam or smartphone video conveys personality and builds rapport in a way that warms people up and increases replies.


Reason 2: Improving Accountability

How easy is it to get out of a meeting or an appointment when there’s not really a personal connection?

Introducing yourself, then following up with a meeting reminder lets them know “that there is a human being on the other end waiting for them.”

When that’s the case, your prospects are less likely to leave you hanging if their schedule changes. They understand that you’re a real person and that your time matters, too.

“People feel almost obligated to show up because they’ve seen a face, they’ve seen an actual person, and it gets them excited.” – Robin


Reason 3: Building Emotional Connection

Every customer has specific wants and needs in their new home and community. And they feel it even more than they think or know it. Build a connection to the home and community using the BombBomb mobile app.

Record your video on your iPhone or Android and send it to your prospect or client to get them excited about their new home and community.

Highlight specific features that your customer has mentioned throughout the process or has responded to favorably.

As Robin conveys in her video above, an additional benefit is that people who couldn’t be there in person gather round to watch the video and experience the place as if they were.


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A big BombBomb thank you to DanielleRobin, and Emma for sharing their home builder success stories.

At the end of the day, video is like a voicemail with your face. People react better when they truly connect with you. With personal videos from BombBomb, you’ll have more success.


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