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Last Updated May 14th, 2018

Welcome to the first edition of our Integration Spotlight Series! Throughout the year, we will highlight a different partner and feature them on our blog. Our first partner that we are featuring is Curaytor. BombBomb and Curaytor often work together on projects like the Battle of the Real Estate Platforms, and PitchFest. We were so excited to have Curaytor Co-Founder, Chris Smith, answer our spotlight questions below! Chris Smith is the co-founder of Curaytor, a social media, digital marketing and sales coaching company that helps real estate agents and teams grow their businesses faster. He is the author of the bestselling book The Conversion Code and co-author of Peoplework.

Chris Smith

What does your company do?

Curaytor works with top real estate teams and lenders to create websites, Facebook ads, and follow-up strategies that help them grow faster.

Who is the ideal customer for your services?

An ideal Curaytor client is an agent, team, or lender who has consistent business but is ready to GROW. Before joining Curaytor, most of our clients have enough leads and clients to keep them busy – by the time our Facebook ads and websites go live, they often have to add team members to keep up. Being tech-savvy is not a requirement (we can handle most of the tech stuff for you), but understanding the value of digital marketing and building trust online is.

What is one feature that makes your product unique in your industry?

Curaytor Brain! Our system takes the guesswork out of marketing by letting you see and search every email and Facebook ad created by all of our clients. We believe in Zero Competition, so our clients have become a community of top-performing agents and teams that share their best ideas with one another at live events, through Curaytor Brain, and our private Facebook Mastermind group.

Tell us about your integration with BombBomb, and why you see it as a value add for your customers?

Our clients are excellent at personal branding and our integration with BombBomb only increases their ability to form connections and leave a lasting impression on their clients, leads, and communities.

BombBomb has five core values (relationships, fun, humility, flexibility, and service) which core value aligns most with your company culture, and how?

It’s tough to pick – these 5 are all immensely important and tie closely to our values as well. But the thing that stands out most, among our clients and our staff, is relationships. Like many of our clients, Curaytor is a small, family-run business. Our clients’ willingness to learn from and share with one another has resulted in real friendships – we love our #CuraytorBuds. When we get the chance to meet up with clients at events around the country and our annual conference every October, the passion and enthusiasm from both sides is almost overwhelming, an incredible reminder of why we do what we do.

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