Zillow Group Mortgage Leads: Instant, Automatic, and Personal Follow Up

Last Updated June 9th, 2017

One of the inaugural partners in Zillow’s Tech Connect program, BombBomb’s helped real estate agents instantly, automatically, and personally follow up with people who inquire through their profile or one of their listings in Zillow and Trulia.

This connection’s been live since January 2014. And now it’s expanding to include mortgage lenders. Set up the video email once and have it send for you over and over again – getting you face to face with people in a way that improves lead conversion.

Learn how to have a video email automatically sent to 4 different types of mortgage leads.

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Takeaway: See how easy it is to get face to face with mortgage leads with BombBomb and Zillow Group


Get Face to Face with Mortgage Leads Automatically

Set up video emails for any or all of these specific types of mortgage leads from Zillow and Trulia:

  • Profile – People who contact you from your profile page
  • Long Form – People who reached out through the long form product
  • Quote – Borrowers requesting information about a quote
  • Property Pre-Approval – Borrowers contacting an agent about a home and also selecting to contact a lender

Hook up any email, video email, or even an automation sequence in the Integrations area of your account.

Each type of lead automatically gets added to a default list for that lead type (Zillow Profile or Trulia Quote, for example). You can also choose other lists to which to have them added.

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Once it’s set up, contact your Zillow Group account rep to get it turned on from the Zillow/Trulia side. From there, your email, video email, or automation will trigger automatically once someone of that mortgage lead type comes in and people will be added to the default list and any other lists you’d like.


What to Send to Mortgage Leads

The goal here is to introduce yourself, build rapport, provide value, differentiate yourself, and track behavior.

Fortunately, a video email with BombBomb makes it easy to do all these things.

An outline for lead intro video:

  • Thank them for reaching out
  • Acknowledge where they came from
  • Acknowledge the type of inquiry (profile, form, quote, pre-approval)
  • Introduce yourself by name and company
  • Deliver a small piece of value and promise more value specific to the inquiry
  • Let them know what to expect next
  • Provide a clear call to action

The structure of this integration allows you to do 8 specific variations of this (4 lead types each by Zillow and Trulia).

The more specific, the better … but you could get away with one or two videos (one for both or one for Zillow with one for Trulia).


Here’s an example that follows the points above and specific to a Property Pre-Approval lead coming in through Zillow:


When it’s sent in your video email, it gets delivered with an automatically generated animated preview like this:

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Again, set it up once and let it work for you over and over again.

Our live, real-time alerts can notify you when your leads open your email, click your link, or play your video.

In this way, you’re getting face to face instantly and automatically with potential borrowers in a way that differentiates you, builds trust, increases replies, and ultimately helps you set more appointments and close more loans.


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