Moments That Matter In Customer Experience

Last Updated June 23rd, 2022

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Throughout life, we experience countless distinct moments that shape who we are, how we interact with and engage others, what we remember, and which stories we tell. And the customer experience is no different.

Multiple moments throughout the customer experience shape how people feel about doing business with us … and impact whether or not they’ll return. These moments are moments that matter. They’re inflection points when things shift or change. They hold weight, emotion, and the potential for magic or misery. They’re key opportunities to provide value and make other people feel seen, heard, and appreciated — and they’re as remarkable and unique as the people themselves.

But not all moments are created equal. So how do we differentiate between the moments that matter most and those that aren’t as important or emotionally resonant?

I’m Ethan Beute, Chief Evangelist at BombBomb, host of The Customer Experience Podcast, and co-author along with Stephen Pacinelli of the Wall Street Journal bestseller Human-Centered Communication: A Business Case Against Digital Pollution and of Rehumanize Your Business: How Personal Videos Accelerate Sales and Improve Customer Experience.

Join me for this short episode to learn about the impact of adding differentiation and emotion during moments that matter — especially in commoditized markets where everyone offers something of similar value for a comparable price.

Throughout the discussion, I share three tips for employing this philosophy through added value to provide a memorable customer journey and customer experience that long outlasts the experience itself.

Listen to learn:

Why moments that matter are vital to your success in a shifting market
What a high-tech, high-touch approach to communication is
How to identify emotionally resonant moments across the CX
When to be proactive and when to be reactive in your engagement (and how to blend these two approaches)
How to add emotion and differentiation in a changing, commoditized market



Moments That Matter in Customer Experience

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Mentioned in the episode: Let’s talk about the moments that matter and how to make them more emotionally resonant. Click here to schedule.





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Mentioned in the episode: Let’s talk about the moments that matter and how to make them more emotionally resonant. Click here to schedule.



Ethan Beute | About The Author

Chief Evangelist at BombBomb, co-author of Rehumanize Your Business, and host of The Customer Experience Podcast, Ethan collects and tells stories of clearer communication, human connection, and higher conversion with simple, personal videos. BA: University of Michigan. MBA: University of Colorado-Colorado Springs. Fresh air & clean water.

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