New: Drag-and-Drop, Mobile Responsive Email Composer

Last Updated September 10th, 2014

It’s something that’s been cooking in the BombBomb kitchen for a while. Now, it’s been served into your account.

Learn the basics of the new Composer from BombBomb, a drag and drop, mobile responsive email design tool!

Drag-and-drop? Yes – you can drag videos, photos, logos, and more into your emails! You can also resize anything simply by dragging its corner.

This is a nice benefit for you – an easier way to get things into your emails and move them around. Customers have been asking for it, so we built it.

Mobile responsive? Yes – the emails you make and send with Composer will look different based on where they’re opened – smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop. It behaves according to the screen on which it’s viewed!

This is a nice benefit for your recipients – no matter where they open it, the email will look its best. It’s a benefit for you, too, because you don’t have to think about it – the Composer handles it for you.

Watch the video to learn all the basics!


How-To: Drag-and-Drop, Mobile Responsive Email Composer


Getting Started

This is live in your account right now. Not yet a customer? Start your free trial right here.

Inside your account, go to the “Emails” tab and click “new email.”

You’ll be greeted with a choice now …

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You can continue to use our classic editor – or you can choose the new composer. Editing any email in your Emails tab will open the tool with which it was created.

Again, a key reason to go with the new drag-and-drop, mobile responsive email Composer is that it responds to its inbox environment – taller and thinner for mobile, regular for laptops and desktops.

Do watch the video to learn the ins and outs – including how to turn on real-time alerts, how to make your own themes, and more.

We hope you enjoy it!


Send Mobile Responsive Email Free for 2 Weeks

Click here to try BombBomb free for 2 weeks – no credit card info required. It’ll give you a chance to connect with people using simple videos and a chance to test out the new drag-and-drop Composer!


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