Why Meeting Based Cultures are Negatively Impacting Business Communication

Last Updated March 29th, 2017

We’ve all been there. That moment when you receive a meeting invite from one of your colleagues on a project you’ve vaguely heard about, and mindlessly accept the meeting out of politeness.

Cut to three days later, when you’re attending the actual meeting with five other colleagues, that has no specific agenda. The meeting ends up running over, and still accomplishes limited work, or even worse, leads to the creation of … another meeting.

Unfortunately, it’s not just your company dealing with an excessive meeting epidemic. It’s occurring across the world at hundreds in thousands of businesses and enterprises.

In fact, most employees attend an average of 62 meetings per month, and executives spend anywhere from 40-50% of their working hours attending meetings. Of those meetings, it is reported that 33.91% of all meetings are seen as a waste of valuable time. Most alarmingly, it is estimated that $37 billion dollars a year are wasted in the U.S. on meetings (Pidgeon, Emily.)


3 Tips to Break Your Meeting Culture Rut and Improve Communication:


  • Do Not Automatically Accept – Select Tentative: The next time you receive a meeting invite that seems like it could potentially not be worth your time, consider replying “tentative” to the meeting organizer. Next, send the organizer a quick note to let them know that you are excited to be involved in the process, but would like to know how you could be of assistance. Send this email as a video, to showcase your actual empathy, and sincerity. This could help the organizer create an actual agenda for the meeting itself, and let you know up front whether or not what they need from you, requires that you attend the meeting itself. (Grady, David)


  • Suggest Utilizing an Internal Communication Application: There are many other companies working to help fix our meeting crisis by implementing more streamlined workflows for internal communication. The app that we use at BombBomb is called Slack. Slack works like our own internal group chat. We setup various channels for different teams, and projects, and also utilize direct messaging for both individual and group communication. Slack has been able to decrease their customer’s meetings by 25.1%. It has also increased workplace productivity by 32%! (Slack Results)


  • Use Video: Let’s throw the ball in your court. What if you have a project that you’d normally hold a meeting for, but you know your team is extremely busy, and you’re not sure whether or not it’s worth everyone’s time? Why not utilize video? Just hit record with your webcam or smartphone and simply relay the information on camera. You’ll also never have to worry about spending the time scheduling the meeting across different time zones and even different office environments! When utilizing video, you’ll be able to update your team on any information you may have, and allow them to watch the video whenever is best for them.


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