2 Tips to Win Your Next Listing Presentation

Last Updated April 23rd, 2015

Whether you’re a real estate agent working to win a listing presentation or a sales professional of any kind working to win a sales opportunity, you’re likely up against competition.

How do you set yourself apart and win more often? Here are two tips …

Ready? Here they are …

1) Send a simple, personal video before the listing presentation, call, or meeting
2) Send a simple, personal video after the listing presentation, call, or or meeting

Seems simple, right? It is. But it works. Here’s just one of many, recent customer successes:

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So, let’s unpack it a bit and look at some examples.

The video below breaks down the two tips in detail. It’s followed by six video examples – 3 from Gmail sending and 3 from text message sending.


Winning Listing Presentations and Sales Opportunities Against Competitors

A walk through of the two simple, personal videos that will help you win more often in a competitive situation – including a basic performance of each.



RE/MAX Real Estate Agent Jesse Peters on Simple Video for Listing Presentations

I reached out to RE/MAX real estate agent Jesse Peters in Winnipeg, Manitoba to ask when and why he uses simple videos to win listing presentations.

He sent back this simple webcam video. Enjoy!


Top Takeaways from Jesse’s Video

  • “I love simple video. It can be done on your phone, quickly on your laptop, or on your iPad.”
  • “It’s really a way of extending face to face. Not everyone can meet in person right away. What’s the next closest thing? This!”
  • Face to face through video encourages and builds trust – it speeds up the process
  • When he gets referrals, he always sends a simple video via text or email – and gets positive responses
  • “They build name-face recognition so they know who to expect when you’re meeting them for coffee or even at their front door.”
  • “You’re not a stranger anymore, so you’re one step ahead in the game – especially if you’re going in to compete against other realtors.”
  • “I use it as a way to send gratitude and thanks, genuinely, which I think can really come through even more than a phone call.”
  • “(Video) allows me to reconnect and be top of mind and show sincerity and gratitude.”
  • “It’s about connecting, building trust, and being able to showcase who you are.”
  • “It’s not going to work every time, but the successes are greater when I can connect with people this way.”


Video Examples: 1) Before the Listing Presentation

Below are two examples from RE/MAX agent Jesse Peters – one is a video email in Gmail and the other is a video text in the mobile app. He’s introducing himself, building rapport, setting expectations, expressing gratitude, and preparing to win the listing presentation.

Gmail Video Email | Click to Play the Video

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Video Text Message | Click to Play the Video

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Video Examples: 2) After the Listing Presentation

Below are two examples of simple, personal follow ups after the meeting.

Here, Jesse’s focus is on valuing their time and appreciating the opportunity. You may also use the video a chance to reaffirm your key points of value and differentiation or to speak directly to the specific needs or interests you picked up on in the meeting.

Depending on the order in which you present (if known), you may want to send a second follow up, as well. For example, if you know you’re presenting first against two other agents, send a follow up immediately, then again a day or two later.

Gmail Video Email | Click to Play the Video

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Video Text Message | Click to Play the Video

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Video Examples: Bonus) After You Win the Opportunity

A couple bonus videos!

So you won the listing presentation with simple video as a differentiator and relationship builder. Now, express your enthusiasm and set expectations for a smooth sale.

Reach out again with video. These are the small touches up front that help produce great testimonials and online reviews in the end.

Gmail Video Email

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Video Text Message

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The Bottom Line

A simple video can make a big difference. We hear all the time from our clients that a video was cited as a reason for choosing them.

Especially in a competitive situation, whether a listing presentation or another sales opportunity, a small, personal touch leaves an impression that keeps you top of mind and differentiates you from the rest.

In many cases, it’s easier and takes less time that writing out the same message in an email, text, or even handwritten note. Especially if, like Jesse, you’re using BombBomb in Gmail or in the mobile app.

Give it a try on your next opportunity.


Thank You

A big BombBomb thank you to RE/MAX real estate agent Jesse Peters in Winnipeg, Manitoba – your “Social Savvy Realtor” – for making BombBomb part of how he wins business and for allowing us to share these examples. Send a referral his way!


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