4 Listing Agent Sales Tactics You Should Be Trying

Last Updated May 4th, 2018

Being able to easily sell someone something is a skill that can be hard to develop and grow – especially when that something is YOU. During our first ever live event of Pitchfest, we put listing agents to the test by having them giving us their very best listing agent sales pitches.

In order to bring you this insightful live event, we teamed up with Curaytor as well as real estate coaches, buyer’s agents and listing agents. During the event, participants gave their best pitches, co-hosts Christ Smith and Steve Pacinelli gave their objections, and the 2,200 live attendees put in their votes.

In this post we’ll talk about the listing agent presentations as well as some great takeaways from the participants: Callie Dalton, Raj Qsar, Amit Bhuta and Kris Lindahl.

The video above includes pitches from four listing agents, the head-to-head finale featuring the two agents with the most first-round votes, and the overall winner of the listing agents round of Pitchfest.

These pitches can be helpful for any real estate agent, especially as the contestants handle the pressure of objections and a time limit.

Watch all the pitches or jump in at a certain time to hear a particular listing agent:

Callie Dalton, starts at 4:00, pitch at 4:25
Raj Qsar, starts at 10:50, pitch at 11:11
Amit Bhuta, starts at 18:56, pitch at 19:25
Kris Lindahl, starts at 24:36, pitch at 25:34
The Finale starts at 29:45

Callie Dalton – Quality is Worth the Cost

When introducing Callie, Chris mentioned how her slogan is “Discover the Dalton Difference.” This is a good way to sum up Callie’s pitch and response to her objection. Callie focussed on the quality of service you’ll get from her team. She emphasizes how you don’t just want a part-time realtor, you want someone who’s going to put time and effort in.

Steve’s objection was “Realtor X said they would reduce their commission by Y%. Will you match that?” Callie was unphased and proceeded with, “If you’re looking for a discount, that wouldn’t be us. We actually spend 1% of that commission on you while we’re selling your house.” Callie followed that up by explaining the value she and her team brings.

Chris ended with a great comment – “Discounts are for Walmart, not for selling your home.” Callie’s method of sticking to her set commission but also providing as much value as possible has been working for her, as she is the number one agent in her market.

“Discounts are for Walmart, not for selling your home.”

Callie Dalton on Pitchfest

Raj Qsar – Everything is Tied Back to Emotion

Raj started off strong with 4 points he wanted to get across. In every one of these points, he touched on emotion. When people see a house in photo or video you want to evoke certain emotions. You want them to envision living there and you want them to feel certain emotions around the home. Raj says, “When someone sees something that makes them feel emotion, they are going to react.”

Steve’s first reaction to the pitch was, “You wrapped everything in an emotional blanket which I love. Everything tied back to emotion. Sales is emotional.” You can pay high dollars for marketing but if your marketing is boring and emotionless content, you won’t be seeing good results. Steve also points out how Raj used numbers during his pitch. Numbering off your points helps people stay engaged and know right where you are in a well thought out a pitch.

“Everything is tied back to emotion. Sales is emotional.”

Raj Qsar PitchFest

Amit Bhuta – Ultimately, it’s Not All About the Money

Amit starts off his pitch saying that even if he won a multi-million jackpot, he would still keep doing what he’s doing as a listing agent. This was a great way to start. Even though he mainly works in a luxury market, Amit lets us know it’s not about the money. He loves what he’s doing and he does it for a reason.

“Making meaningful changes in people’s lives is what drives us so much, my team and I.” Amit then follows all that up with “And because of that we spend so much more money than the average realtor, our competition.” In order to help people to the best of his ability, Amit does use money in a positive way and uses it to do the best marketing possible.

At the end of his pitch, the objection Amit received was “My house is only a few hundred thousand dollars. I feel like you’re over-qualified to sell my home.” Amit says he’s gotten this response from friends before. “It’s pretty cool showing these NBA player, multi million dollar homes but what drives me the most is being able to find that father a home that’s 45 minutes closer to work.” He goes on to explain how his ultimate goal is to help improve people’s lives.

“Making meaningful changes in people’s lives is what drives us so much…”

Listing Agent Sales

Kris Lindahl – Don’t Forget Pre-Marketing

Kris starts by explaining how “We treat your commision like marketing dollars.” Kris says he doesn’t need as much commission as his competition because he’s selling so many homes. Because of this, he puts that extra commission money towards better marketing strategies. “We don’t focus a lot on commission, we focus on your bottom line.”

Kris went on to talk about what he called “pre-marketing.” He gave a great analogy for us to understand his strategy. Would Apple sell as many iPhones on the release day if they didn’t market them beforehand? Probably not. That’s why his team builds up hype before you even hit the MLS. He says through pre-marketing, they are able to get you more money. Chris loved the Apple analogy and talked about how smart it was to begin a marketing strategy before the home’s available.

“We’re going to win this marketing strategy before it starts.”

Kris Lindahl Pitchfest

More Sales Techniques from Pitchfest

Wanting to learn more about Pitchfest and see more pitches from the buyer perspective and the coach perspective?

Click here to see the Pitchfest 2018 playlist in our YouTube channel

During the last section of Pitchfest, Tom and Steve discussed the future of Pitchfest. Steve says “This is the first one in a series of Pitchfests. We want portals to pitch. We want Zillow and Realtor.com to tell you about their lead products. We want buyer products, seller products, websites. We want brokerages. We want the biggest brokerages in the world to come on and pitch you on why you should work for that brokerage. We have a lot of ideas.”

A poll was sent out to the attendees during Pitchfest asking what they’d like the next Pitchfest to be about. The answer with the most votes ended up being Marketing Strategies. We love providing value through these live events and we want to know what you guys want!

What would you like to hear in our upcoming Pitchfest events? Let us know in the comments below.

More Pitchfest Resources

Overcoming objections is a skill extremely successful salespeople have all chosen to perfect. Especially our Pitchfest contestants! We’ve broken down all eight objections we gave the agents throughout Pitchfest, and backed them with statistics to help you perfect these exact same questions and in turn, land more deals. Download the guide below!


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