LinkedIn Communication Tips from a Successful Sales Coach

Last Updated March 13th, 2018

On March 8th, Elyse Archer joined us live on the Bombcast for Episode 14! This top producer, consultant and sales coach has worked with hundreds of sales professionals and is crushing it using video. She talked to us about brand building and how she’s using LinkedIn to grow her business.  You won’t want to miss our top four takeaways in the blog post below. 

 1 Use LinkedIn to Brand Yourself

“At the end of the day, your clients aren’t buying a company name, they’re buying you!” Elyse emphasizes the importance of creating personal brand awareness through video. If you’re not using video yet, you’re missing an opportunity to market yourself to the best of your ability. Apart from creating awareness, Elyse says that sharing video regularly on social media can prompt people to reach out to you – which creates even better credibility.

According to LinkedIn, 46% of social media traffic coming to B2B company sites is from LinkedIn. By sharing her videos on LinkedIn, Elyse has successfully built up her personal brand and reputation. LinkedIn is definitely an under-utilized platform for many, making it a great social channel to dominate. 

2 Use LinkedIn to Leverage Organic Video

For Elyse, video is a key tool when it comes to prospecting and developing relationships. “It has become far more effective than calling, emailing, even texting.” When looking at a majority of her clients, Elyse says 60-70% of sales can be traced back to video – which is huge! She also says for client retention, management and follow-up video are key.

Elyse told us, “my most successful clients try to be everywhere with video.” She also mentioned that currently, LinkedIn seems to be working really well for both her and her clients! “For anybody, especially people who sell B2B, LinkedIn right now – If you’re not leveraging organic video, then you’re missing out.”

3 Use LinkedIn to Contact Potential Contacts

Did you know 43% of marketers say they have sourced a customer from LinkedIn? Elyse has some useful practices that she uses to convert leads in LinkedIn. To start, she goes through her LinkedIn Invitations every week. She says 80-90% of those people she doesn’t know, they found her through her videos. Elyse introduced herself to these people by sending LinkedIn messages weekly. She also invites them to sign up for her weekly emails which is a great way to initiate contact and add to her email list.

When it comes to reaching out through LinkedIn messages and other methods, Elyse says her rule of thumb is 12 touchpoints. Three or four of those times, she uses video. Typically her first outreach is a video through LinkedIn messages. In her last message, if she still hasn’t heard back from the prospect, she “leaves the ball in their court” by sending them a video message that includes all her contact info and lets them know she’s done reaching out. Even if someone isn’t ready to do business, give them ways to follow you, contact you, or connect with you in the future.

4 Use LinkedIn to Share Valuable Content

When it comes to creating content, Elyse has a few strategies. It can be tricky to reach people outside of your vocation on LinkedIn. It’s about intentionally going after people that could be potential clients or important connections. How does Elyse do this? She figures out what content potential clients would value and then creates content that appeals to them. Find ways to create value for those people in other industries.

Other than basing content around potential connections, Elyse says she has a list that includes everything she could ever talk about. This list is made up of knowledge and also of past experiences. Things she has expertise in and can easily talk about are what Elyse goes off of. Elyse also points out that reusing content isn’t bad – there’s a lot of noise over social media and some content needs to be recycled to get the highest reach.


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