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Last Updated July 12th, 2018

When BombBomb was founded back in 2006, “video email” wasn’t really a thing. We’ve invested a lot of time and energy in explaining what it was, how it works, and why to implement it. People need and want to learn video and learn email.

Toward that end, we’ve produced hundreds of blog posts, downloadable guides, webinars, and other instruction around how to use video and email to communicate more clearly, connect more effectively, and increase conversions. We also provide a self-help support site, live phone support, email support, and website chat support.

One effort that’s live inside your customer account or free trial account: the BombBomb Academy!

Right now, we’ve got 9 courses that are live. Each blends high-level strategy with hands-on, how-to instruction on tactics.

In the short video below, see where and how to access it and what it looks like inside your account. Then, explore the current available courses designed to help you learn video and learn email to improve your business results. At the conclusion, see other resources available from BombBomb.


Where to Learn Video and Learn Email in BombBomb


Watch this video to see where and how to access the BombBomb Academy. Check out the course list below to see what awaits.


Course List: BombBomb Academy


Mastering Simple Video with BombBomb

In this introductory course, you get tips and best practices to create simple and effective videos using the BombBomb Quick Send. Casual, conversational videos allow you to communicate in a more authentic and transparent way and build stronger relationships in your business. After completing this course, you’ll be fully equipped to send videos like a pro from right inside your BombBomb account.

Prerequisites: To complete this course, you will need a webcam, either built-in or external. If you do not currently have a webcam and plan to record videos through the BombBomb.com desktop application, we recommend the Logitech c920.

Contents include:

  • Video: What is Simple Video? (2:12)
  • Video: Creating Videos with Quick Send (2:07)
  • Video: Tips for Better Looking Videos (2:24)
  • Download: Best Situations to Send Simple Video
  • Assigment: Creat a Personal Outreach Video (1:39)

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Introduction to Email Design | BombBomb Email Composer

Email design is critical to your success as an email marketer. And, when done well, email marketing can provide you the highest return on investment of all direct marketing channels. But what makes up an effective email? In this course, we’ll show you how to use the BombBomb email composer and basic design principles to create more engaging and comprehensive email designs.

We’ll also show you how to save time in the design process by creating your own branded email template that’s mobile responsive and that you can reuse for your BombBomb video messages moving forward!

Already have a custom email design? Learn how to edit or update what you’ve got – or to tailor it for a specific audience or email send.

Contents include:

  • Video: Lesson Overview (1:15)
  • Video: Basic Principles of Artistic Design (7:14)
  • Video: Brand Consistency (1:29)
  • Video: Calls to Action (3:42)
  • Video: Walkthrough – Creating an Email Template (8:54)
  • Video: Modifying an Existing Email Template (3:20)
  • Assignment: Design an Email

learn email, video email, BombBomb, email composer, email design


Prioritize Your Follow Up | BombBomb Video Email Tracking

Let’s face it, email tracking data isn’t the most exciting thing, but when it comes to your time and effort, it’s always worth it. Your goal isn’t to just send emails – it’s to close more business. In this course, we’ll discuss the value of email tracking, the benefits of monitoring your email engagement, and how to review your tracking data anywhere you use BombBomb.

Prerequisites: To successfully view email tracking analytics, you need to have an email sent! Send an email or video email to someone you know – or send it to us: training@bombbomb.com!

Contents include:

  • Video: What is Email Tracking? (0:57)
  • Video: Benefits of Tracking Your Emails (3:42)
  • Video: Email Tracking in BombBomb (4:38)
  • Video: Email Tracking in Gmail (4:35)
  • Video: Email Tracking in Mobile (2:20)
  • Assignment: Send and Track an Email

email analytics, learn email, email tracking, BombBomb tracking, BombBomb email, video email


Tips for More Email Opens, Video Plays, and Link Clicks

In this course, we’ll address how to improve your video email engagement. You’ll learn quick and simple strategies to improve your overall engagement, resulting in more email opens, video plays, and link clicks.

Prerequisites: Basic comprehension of the information shown on the BombBomb email tracking page and BombBomb video tracking page.

Contents include:

  • Video: Tips to Improve Email Open Rates (8:39)
  • Video: Tipss to Improve Video Play Rates (5:26)
  • Video: Benefits of Calls to Action (5:41)
  • Video: How to Create Call to Action Buttons (3:42)
  • Assignment: Create a More Engaging Video Email

learn video, video tracking, video analytics, email tracking, BombBomb, video email


Creating Videos on the Go | BombBomb Mobile Apps

Whatever industry you’re in, there are three common obstacles we face as busy professionals: time, distance and technology. You’re busy and sometimes it’s a struggle to align schedules with your customers and prospects to answer questions and provide updates. And be honest – how many times have you tried to type an email response from your smartphone and felt embarrassed by autocorrect when you realized what you sent? We’ve all been there!

What if you could follow up with anyone quickly and easily at a time that’s convenient for both you and your recipient? This course offers a solution to keep you on-the-move and keep your customers satisfied, too – by using our free mobile application for Android and iPhone.

In this course we’ll discuss the power of mobile video, how to leverage different styles of mobile video in your business and show you how to use the app for your smartphone device, including sending through email or text message or sharing directly to social media!

Prerequisites: To complete this course, you will need an Android or Apple smartphone with a built-in camera.

Contents include:

  • Video: Connecting through Mobile Video (1:14)
  • Video: Two Styles of Mobile Video (3:17)
  • Video Example: Josh Rogers, Real Estate (2:27)
  • Video Example: Kinny Landrum, Automotive Sales (2:27)
  • Download: 7 Stories, Issue One
  • Video Tutorial: Apple / iOS (7:59)
  • Video Tutorial Android (9:47)
  • Video: Texting Videos on Apple / iOS (3:08)
  • Video: Texting Videos on Android (6:37)
  • Story: Texting Tips for Lead Response (and First Dates!)
  • Assignment: Create a Lead Introduction Video

video email, video texting, learn video, learn email, mobile video, mobile video app, BombBomb


Creating Targeted Contact Lists | BombBomb Contact Management

Not every video email should be sent to every person in your database. Targeting is fundamental to your success. This course is designed to help you identify valuable audience segments within your database and communicate to these audiences uniquely with BombBomb.

Segmenting your email database into targeted mailing lists allows you to effectively tailor the content in your emails so each send is relevant to something the each recipient in a list shares in common. Providing targeted, relevant content through segmentation is proven to increase engagement and overall deliverability.

Contents include:

  • Video: Managing Contacts for Email Marketing (6:51)
  • Video: Identifying Audiences in Your Database (5:41)
  • Video: Step 1 – Create a Contact List (2:08)
  • Video: Step 2 – Add Contacts to a List (3:38)
  • Video: Step 3 – Manage Your Contacts (2:50)
  • Assignment: Add Contacts to a List

learn email, learn video email, BombBomb, video email, list segmentation, sending video email


Using Video to Drive Business Reviews and Testimonials

Today’s marketplace has evolved and it strongly values customer-generated content. As consumers, we look to our peers to validate our purchasing decisions. From a marketing standpoint, what others say about you is far more valuable than what you say about yourself. And while other business professionals are shying away from asking for customer feedback, you can begin to use social proof to your advantage to generate more business and provide top-quality customer experiences that keep your customers raving about you!

In this course, we’ll equip you with two unique and specific ways to use BombBomb to do just that!

Prerequisites: To complete this course, we recommend familiarizing yourself with the basics of our Email Composer.

Contents include:

  • Video: Benefits of Customer Feedback (2:02)
  • Video: Two Methods to Capture Feedback (2:03)
  • Video: Capturing Video Testimonials with BombBomb (6:05)
  • Video: Best Practices to Get Better Video Testimonials (9:16)
  • Video: Driving Online Business Reviews (4:33)
  • Assignment: Create a Video Email Requesting Customer Feedback

learn video, video testimonials, online reviews, customer feedback, BombBomb


BombBomb for Real Estate: 5 Videos to Send Now

From lead generation to testimonials, there are numerous scenarios where video will help you communicate more effectively in your real estate business, but this course specifically will cover five of the easiest relationship-based videos you can start recording and sending to differentiate yourself and stay top-of-mind in a more meaningful way. No extensive frameworks or elaborate steps, just simple scenarios used consistently with BombBomb by our top real estate video influencers.

Contents include:

  • Video: Confirming Appointments and Following Up (1:25)
  • Video: Saying “Thank You” (1:37)
  • Video: Sharing Holiday Greetings (1:30)
  • Video: Celebraing Birthdays and Special Occasions (2:52)
  • Video: Providing Transaction and Process Updates (2:29)

learn video, real estate video, video marketing, video in real estate, BombBomb video, BombBomb


BombBomb for Real Estate: Open House Strategy

From pre-marketing to post event follow-ups, learn how to take your open houses to a new level by incorporating BombBomb. In this course, we’ll discuss ways to incorporate video email into your open house strategy, as well as how to leverage BombBomb forms to digitally capture valuable contact information more efficiently.

Contents include:

  • Video: BEFORE – Promoting Your Open House with Video (5:48)
  • Video: DURING – Capturing Contact Info with Forms (4:52)
  • Video: AFTER – Following Up with Your Visitors (2:02)
  • Quiz: Test Your Knowledge

learn video, video marketing, open house video, open house marketing, BombBomb



Again, all you need is a customer account or free trial of BombBomb to access the Academy.

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