How To Improve Your Lead Generation Process with BombBomb Forms

Last Updated July 7th, 2017

This June, our Training Team created a new webinar that explained all the situations where BombBomb forms (landing pages) can give individuals the ability to improve their lead generation process by collecting valuable contact information, and delivering value!

This webinar was so thorough and informative, that we decided to break it down into two sections – one solely based off creating landing pages, and utilizing them properly, and one based off driving traffic to these forms through Facebook Advertising.

Check out part one of the webinar as well as our recap with key points and time spots below!



First and foremost, we have to address the topic itself. What is a landing page/ form? It’s typically one page that is designed to capture your visitor’s information. It has one distinct call-to-action, as opposed to a website, which may have quite a few call-to-actions inside the entire page.

With that being said, when you start the process of creating the landing page itself, you’ll first want to consider what your end goal, or your call to action might be. Once this is established, it is easier to determine what type of value you should provide, or what type of questions will be important to ask! You should want leads to be interested in your content enough for them to provide you with their actual email address.

So how do you provide value? You can provide value through…

  • Newsletters
  • Guides/eBooks
  • Free Trial
  • Webinars/Events
  • Free Gift  Listing Info
  • Discounts or Coupons

Let’s get right into the nitty, gritty – Ashley and Jason give tips on how to create landing pages that convert & explain what goes into building those specific pages (7:34.)
First off, how do you plan to persuade someone to take the time to complete your form and what will they receive in return?

Here are some questions to consider:

  • WHO are you targeting?
  • WHAT is your offer / incentive?
  • WHEN will the offer be delivered?
  • WHERE will the form be used?
  • WHY should someone submit their info?
  • HOW will you contact & qualify the lead?

(10:30) An acronym that Ashley likes to use to when creating landing pages that have a compelling content is CONVERT. The landing page should always have a/an….

  • C = Clear Call to Action
  • O = Offer
  • N = Narrow Focus
  • V = VIA: Very Important Attributes
  • E = Effective Headline
  • R = Resolution-Savvy Layout
  • T = Tidy Visuals
  • S = Social Proof

Source – Kiss Metrics

Your landing page should also attempt to qualify your lead – meaning the information fields that you’re including, should benefit you in the qualification process. For example, what type of industry are they in? Are they currently using a similar product to yours, etc.? Also, your information fields should help you determine how you can communicate with your leads, whether that via email or phone.

Jason and Ashley also recommend having as few fields as possible. In the image below, the form on the left is more likely to perform better than the form on the right, when communicating with NEW leads. However, Jason does recommend utilizing a landing page like the page on the right as a second layer of communication, to further qualify a lead later in the process.

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At 17:00 minutes in, Jason and Ashley go over examples of use cases, and showcase how BombBomb users can utilize forms on their mobile devices. They even discuss creating landing pages for Open Houses and going as far as purchasing a domain to host the page itself!

Sales, Marketing, Sales Process, Forms, Automations, Lead generation,

When creating a landing page for an open house, Jason recommends providing value to potential clients in exchange for their contact information. For example, a buyer’s guide or a neighborhood guide. An example is shown below and discussed at 24 minutes in!

Landing page, forms, sales, sales process, marketing, lead generation,

Example 1:
Example 2:

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