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Last Updated October 31st, 2018

Earlier this year, BombBomb opened up a nomination process to find and rank the the top real estate agents in video to grow their businesses. Thousands of agents and brokers later – and tens of thousands of video views later – we have your rankings!

We ranked people based on listing videos, community videos, recorded videos for emails, text messages, and social media, and live videos. Plus, we ranked them in one category that encompasses them all.

Here in this post, meet the top 10 Real Estate Video Influencers in the All Around category! Follow their links to see examples.

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Below, Tom Ferry talks about what the winners are doing extremely well, and what we recommend you should also begin doing also.

1 Christophe Choo

Coldwell Banker Global Luxury | Beverly Hills, CA

Photo of real estate video influencer winner, Christophe Choo

Christophe is the king of YouTube in real estate. WITH 22,047 SUBSCRIBERS AND OVER 7,000,000 VIEWS – there is no doubt that he is an absolute influencer in the real estate world. He also received almost 200 completely unique and legitimate nominations. Christophe was ranked 9th in our “Live Video” category (which has now been converted to social media video) last year, but in the last nine months, he’s really upped his game. Christophe is consistently making high-quality listing videos that he’s taking the time to script to tell a compelling story. He’s also making simple videos on his iPhone where he tours local neighborhoods, and gives his viewers a behind-the-scenes look at the events he attends.He could have ranked in the top three for both social and listing videos, which is why we chose to honor him in the top spot for the all around category this year for his impressive skills in a variety of video styles.

2 Kyle Whissel

Whissel Realty | San Diego, CA

Photo of real estate video influencer, Kyle Whissel

Kyle lead the pack last year in our inaugural Real Estate Video Influencer Awards, and he’s still leading our top 75 influencers in 2018, coming in at number 2. There is no denying that Kyle is one of the best at using video in real estate (with the help of his Media & Marketing Manager, Bryan Koci). From creating recruitment videos for agents to handling real estate updates, buyer tips, listing videos, and consistently publishing his community show, #SanteeSaturdays, KYLE IS CONSTANTLY PUSHING OUT HIGH-QUALITY CONTENT. He’s even training real estate agents how to use video to grow their business with his Facebook Group – The Whissel Way.

3 Kelly LeClair

LeClair Real Estate| Pacific Sothebys | San Clemente, CA

Photo of Real Estate Video Influencer, Kelly LeClair

KELLY IS A VIDEO PRO. So much, in fact, that she’s taken what she’s learned in her former career as a TV news anchor, as well as all of the skills she’s acquired owning her own real estate business and marketing with video, to create a program to help real estate agents learn to master video. Kelly creates beautiful and professional listing videos, informative educational videos, fun social videos, and authentic BombBomb videos. Kelly has also mastered the art of collaboration within her videos. She is consistently working with mortgage brokers, title reps, and even designers, creating videos on frequently asked questions.

4 Kris Lindahl

Kris Lindahl Real Estate | Twin Cities, MN

It’s definitely time for Kris Lindahl to make the Real Estate Video Influencer’s All Around category! KRIS IS ONE OF THE TOP BROKER/OWNERS IN THE UNITED STATES. RealEstate.com calls him the head of a “technology-based real estate powerhouse in the Twin Cities.” Real Trends and Trulia named him among the “Best Real Estate Agents in America.” He is consistently creating content, whether it’s culture pieces, educational videos, or simple one-to-one inspirational videos. Kris created a new platform this summer he’s calling “Behind the Billboard” where he shares his industry knowledge and passion to help push the real estate industry forward. He’s constantly utilizing Instagram stories, Instagram highlights, and even LinkedIn to inspire others, market his listings, and expand his business’s reach. Kris is a true influencer and clearly deserves this top spot for his commitment to the real estate industry and his people.

5  Brian Teyssier

Brian Sells Pittsburgh| RE/MAX Advanced | Pittsburgh, PA

Photo of Real Estate Video Influencer, Brian Teyssier

Brian was a former honorable mention winner in the Listing Video category who has catapulted his way into the top 10 for All Around this year, and for good reason. Brian is a great example of someone who is consistently documenting his life with simple video. Brian is creating videos almost daily and sharing them on his social networks. He’s consistently creating educational videos about the market and the process of buying a selling a home. We love this video he created to promote four open houses he was holding in the same development. Brian is also using BombBomb’s video email platform to send his videos “pre-social media, pre-MLS, and pre-Zillow,” allowing his subscribers to see a sneak peek of his future listings, which is a great way to grow his email database!

6 Melanie Galea

RE/MAX La Biche Realty | Fort McMurray, AB

Photo of Melanie Galea, Real Estate Video Influencer.

Melanie has two brands that she’s consistently marketing – Melanie Galea Fort McMurray Real Estate Agent and Discover Fort McMurray. There are so many things to love about Melanie. First off, she’s hitting a niche market by combining her love for wine and golf with her show Wine, Women, and Wedges. Melanie clearly has fun with her videos and has mastered being on camera – whenever, wherever. Her expert use of simple video, her engaging personality, and her versatility almost ranked her in both our Community Video category and our Listing Video category, which made her a clear choice for a top ten competitor in our All-Around segment for 2018. Keep it up, Melanie!

7 Sue “Pinky” Benson

RE/MAX Realty Team | Naples, FL

Photo of Sue Benson, Real Estate Video Influencer.

Pinky placed 2nd in our no longer existing “Live Video” category of the Inaugural Real Estate Video Influencer Awards. We’ve moved her up to All Around because SHE’S CONTINUED TO ABSOLUTELY CRUSH IT WITH VIDEO. Pinky is constantly creating branded, simple video content, being authentic to who she is while doing so. She’s creating community videos, still consistently going live (with planned content), publishing, listing videos, sending BombBomb videos – you name it – she’s getting it done. A great thing we see with Sue aside from other agents is that she’s not just sticking with her professional business page as her platform. We see her creating authentic content on her personal Facebook page where she’s not afraid to talk about the hard topics in life and speak her mind. She’s also varying the content she posts, meaning she’s never posting the same content on the same mediums at the same time. Pinky’s pages are individually fascinating and on point when it comes to social media strategy and optimization.

8 The Amaya Group

The Amaya Group Real Estate | Moreno Valley, CA

Photo of the Amaya Group, Real Estate Video Influencers.

The Amaya Group is new on our list of Real Estate Video Influencers, but THEY HAVE CERTAINLY IMPRESSED US WITH THEIR CONTENT STRATEGIES. The Amaya Group has a strong presence on all of the content platforms. They are embracing and utilizing playlists on YouTube and Instagram – something we highly recommend. Another thing we love about the Amaya Group is the fact that they are utilizing all of their agents in their videos – it’s never just one person who’s the star. They are also pumping out community videos in two different playlists – IE Foodies and IE Scenes. The Foodies playlist focuses on food and beverage companies while the Scenes playlist showcases art, small business, and culture. Aside from community videos, the Amaya Group is also making beautiful listing videos and educational videos that are easily searchable.

9 Leigh Brown

The Leigh Brown Experience | RE/MAX Executive | Concord, NC

Leigh Brown All Around Winner

Leigh is another former Real Estate Video Influencer from our Live Video category. And if you look at her Facebook page, you’ll see that she wears a lot of hats. Leigh is consistently coaching agents, being an awesome broker/owner for Leigh Brown & Associates, working as the chair of the Board of RPAC Fundraising Trustees for NAR, and raising money for nonprofits as a board member of the Realtors Relief Foundation. She has such a strong focus on helping nonprofits, and you’ll see her using video to do so quite often on Facebook. Recently, she went live and answered any business questions people had in exchange for a donation to the Realtor’s Relief Foundation. Leigh is answering educational questions on real estate topics, sending BombBomb videos, and creating listing videos on a regular basis that get tons of views and interactions. She is an incredible content creator, a phenomenal speaker, and A PERFECT CANDIDATE FOR OUR ALL AROUND CATEGORY.

10 Gia Silva

INTI Realty | Long Beach, CA

Photo of Gia Silva, Real Estate Video Influencer

We love Gia’s spontaneous videos. She’s utilizing features on both Facebook and Instagram in an incredible way, as she’s not afraid to go live in the middle of “door knocking” to talk about what she’s hearing from the locals and explain the market updates. We also love that Gia is tackling tough topics like a possible recession in 2020 with total ease. She’s even spotlighting her clients, creating high quality listing videos, and using BombBomb for one-to-one videos. Gia has an incredible camera presence, and is consistently providing value, motivation, and education to her clients with simple video. We can’t wait to see what she does with her video strategy in 2019!

Up And Comers

11 JC Silvey

Silvey Residential |  Leesburg, VA

JC almost ranked in both the Community Video category and the Listing Video category,
making him a clear contender for All Around. JC just started using video this last year and
has been creating AMAZING content since starting his video journey. He’s a clear up-and-
comer that’s definitely worth keeping an eye on.

12 Kevin Gueco

Gueco Real Estate Group | San Francisco, CA

This team is putting some serious work into their video marketing strategy! The Gueco Real Estate Group’s first videos were published in late 2017 and they have not stopped since. They’re creating incredible listing videos, spotlighting client success stories, showing off new neighborhood spots, and even answering common real estate questions on camera. If they keep it up, they will be tough to beat in 2019!

13 Geoff McLennan

RE/MAX Advantage | Westminister, BC

Geoff has been creating consistent listing videos, community videos, and videos that help bring awareness to MS. Geoff also created a podcast this yea called “Multiple Offers” – a weekly show that takes viewers inside Metro Vancouver’s real estate scene. Something we love about Geoff is that he’s taken a cue from the show “Comedians in Cars” and started interviewing people in his front seat as he drives around his neighborhood. He’s also creating quick videos he calls “Monday Morning Minute” where he answers complex real estate questions in under a minute.

14 Karin Carr

Keller Williams Coastal Area Partners | Savannah, GA

Karin has one of the better YouTub strategies we’ve seen – especially considering the fact that she posted her first video on the platform in 2017! Her video Thumbnails are super enticing, and she’s creating content around easily searchable topics like “Cost of Living in Savannah, GA,” and “Do I need Flood Insurance in Savannah?”

15 Tracy Thompson

RE/MAX Grand | Sauk City, WI

Tracy Thompson will round out our list of up-and-comers. Tracy just started creating videos this past April and has been pushing out content since. At just six months into her video journey, Tracy has already published 60 videos (as of October 2018). She’s taken the 30 for 30 Challenge from RE Video Bootcamp and has continued to thrive since. Keep it up, Tracy!

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