Lead Conversion Data: Days & Times Web Traffic Converts

Last Updated December 22nd, 2014

No need to overwrite this piece. This lead conversion data from lilahmedia tells the story.

Based in Wilmington, North Carolina, lilahmedia worked with BombBomb friend and customer and RE/MAX Broker/Owner Buddy Blake to look at 18 months of web traffic and 26,000 lead conversions to show the days and times that people move past browsing to engagement.

lilahmedia works with several real estate companies, so the emphasis here is on real estate website traffic.


Lead Conversion Data

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A basic read: more lead conversions happened in the 10am hour than at any other hour of the day and more lead conversions happened on Wednesdays than any other day of the week.

Two observations on hours: Though most conversions occurred during normal waking hours (7am-9pm), many happened overnight. That 10am-2pm window presents great opportunities for numerous, immediate, and live responses.

An observation on hours: Though there’s a slight dip Friday through Sunday, conversions look remarkably even across all 7 days of the week.

Thanks to lilahmedia and Buddy Blake for sharing this data. You’ll certainly draw some of your own conclusions about this straightforward and easy to read lead conversion data.


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