Just boosting your Facebook posts isn’t enough – Here’s what is

Last Updated April 5th, 2018

On March 22nd we went live on the Bombcast with featured guest, Craig Veroni. One of our Top 10 Community Video Creators, Craig understands the power of connection through video. During the live show, we saw the most audience interaction when Craig talked about unpublished social media posts. He spoke with us on some great topics, including video gear, content creation and Facebook Ad strategies. In this post, we’ll break down his tactics and explain why boosting your post isn’t enough in today’s social media world.

In 2017 Craig attended a Video Bootcamp with Jesse Peters and Michael Thorne. During this Bootcamp, Craig realized that we have a camera on our phones that allows us to be our own broadcaster and television network. In other words, we have the equipment and technology to share video with everyone – so why wouldn’t we?

Create a Video Challenge for Yourself

If you’re just getting started in video, it can be hard to do it regularly. During the Video Bootcamp Craig attended, they challenged him to do 30 videos in 30 days. Each video had to showcase one of his favorite 30 places around the town he lived.

Craig explained how a challenge like this gets you in the habit of shooting video on a daily basis. Just from this challenge, Craig saw massive results and even became one of our Top 10 Community Video Influencers. Videos like this establish you as a local expert in your community – which can really help your business take off!

If shooting and editing video is overwhelming, Craig says the fastest and easiest way to start is to use BombBomb. Your challenge could simply include sending personalized BombBomb videos to every new client you get during the month. From there, you’ll be able to find other ways to incorporate video in your business. Craig told us he always starts off communication using video with his clients.

Building Your Brand with Video

You can build your brand just through using your iPhone camera! Craig says, “It allows each person to be a broadcaster.” When it comes to building your personal brand, it’s important to focus on topics that speak to you. Craig recommends starting with the 30 Videos in 30 Days Challenge. “It’s a good start for anyone and establishes you as a local expert in that community.”

Craig also touched on his new video series, My Favorite Humans in Vancouver. Connecting with people is important to him so he builds content around that. Find out what you’re excited to create content around and build your brand on that! Find what works for you. Craig says “Large brands are doing this marketing but in the real estate game, you’re ahead of the game if you’re putting out content like this.” By focusing on creating great content that you’re passionate about, you will naturally build your brand.

Utilize Facebook Ads to Promote Your Videos

Craig talked a lot about the importance of Facebook Ads as a real estate agent – and we agree with him! Real estate agents have a huge opportunity using Facebook Ads. There are different ways to promote on Facebook but Craig mainly touched on dark posts. Dark posts, ads that aren’t published to your timeline, are a great investment of time and money.

Craig creates dark posts in Ads Manager on Facebook. He says these ads can take over an hour to make but the the ROI makes them worth it. “Running a Facebook dark post is the digital version of door knocking.” We have some great technology available to us, such as Facebook Ads, and we should utilize it.

Go All In with Video

More people are using videos in their marketing strategies and Craig says this is going to become the norm as time goes on. “This is going to be expected of you by your clients very soon.” If you haven’t started with video, you might be doing some catch-up down the line.

Craig uses video in most aspects of his business. He contacts clients with video and uses video to connect regularly with his database He posts video on social media and his website. On top of that he creates ads around his videos. Craig told us he can attribute five big deals he recently made to specific videos he sent out. The results from video can be easy to track. As long as you have a mobile phone and some content ideas, you can get started now!


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