Set Custom Thumbnail Image for Your iPhone Video

Last Updated January 13th, 2016

Not too long ago, your iPhone video sent from the BombBomb mobile app had an automatically assigned thumbnail image.

Now, you can set a custom thumbnail image for it.

Learn more and see how.


UPDATE [April 2016]: Every video you send from the iPhone or Android app automatically sends with an animated preview proven to increase video play rates. You can still use the process described here overwrite it with a custom thumbnail image.


UPDATE [November 2016]: The entire iPhone app has been rebuilt for on-the-go salespeople and includes scheduling, reminders, and more.


UPDATE [June 2017]: The iPhone app now includes the ability to pause your recording then restart the recording all in one clip, plus the ability to flip from the front camera to the back camera within the same clip while recording. No need to edit your videos – just pause and flip in the same clip! Click here to see more.



Custom Thumbnail Image for Your iPhone Video


Watch the video above to learn why and see how to snap a photo to use as your video’s thumbnail image in the BombBomb mobile app for iPhone and iPad.


Step By Step: Your iPhone or iPad Thumbnail

1. Download the BombBomb iOS app.

2. Log into it with the same email address and password as your main BombBomb account. (Set it up free right here)

3. Open up the app, then click the big, red “REC” button to start recording.

4. Click the square to stop recording, then decide whether to “Retake” or “Use Video.” In general, don’t fuss over the video – it’s FAR more like a voicemail message than a television commercial or movie trailer. It’s very likely good enough.

5. After “Use Video,” you’ll be presented with this new option. Click “Change” to activate your camera again.

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6. Hold out the camera, then click the white button to snap a custom thumbnail image for your iPhone video.

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7. As with the iPhone video itself, the thumbnail photo has the options “Retake” or “Use Photo.”

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8. From there, you’ll be dropped into your default mobile email design and your video will be “finalizing.”

Before it’s done, you can still type in one or more email addresses, choose one or more lists, or pick people from your contact list.

Your video doesn’t have to be finalized before you send – it’ll go as soon as it’s ready! And your custom thumbnail image will represent it.

BombBomb will even tell you when your email gets opened and when your video gets played – with mobile push notifications (turn them on in your settings) and in the Relationships screen.


Custom Thumbnails – Not Just for iPhone Videos

This process is available in the Android mobile app, as well as everywhere the BombBomb video recorder is placed … in the “Videos” tab, in the Quick Send, in Challenge activities, in the Gmail inbox, and even in some CRMs.

Just look for the “Thumbnail” button after you record your video.

Gmail Inbox Example:

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