iPhone Video App Adds Scheduling, Reminders, and More

Last Updated October 27th, 2016

As promised this summer, BombBomb for iOS is about to get several serious upgrades.

Scheduling. Reminders. Email designs. Better workflows for texting and social sharing.

It’s all coming to our seriously upgraded iPhone video app.

See a short overview video and get more details on all the improvements.


[UPDATE NOV 16] The app is now live in the App Store. It’ll automatically update or show up in your Updates list for updating.


iPhone Video App Adds Scheduling, Reminders, Email Designs, More

Watch this 43 second overview video to learn the basic “why” and “what” behind the upgraded BombBomb iPhone app.


The goal of this redesign is a lighter feel and quicker ability to reach out to prospects, clients, and others in a more human way. One-to-one sending and follow up are its primary drivers, though you can still send lists and do other things.

We’ve also moved functionality initially released into the PowerWheel in Gmail into this iPhone and iPad app. Later, they’ll also move into Quick Send and the Android app.

We spent months designing and developing it, weeks testing it within the BombBomb team, and weeks more testing it with BombBomb Insiders. It’s almost live!

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Below, get some specifics and see some screenshots …


iPhone Video App Workflow: Email, Library, Text, Social

The big, red record button is available all the time. It’s also available when you flip over any of the tracking cards in the main screen to reach back out to someone with a video.

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After the recording, you can:

Then, you’re presented with a new workflow. You can send your video by email, add it to your BombBomb video library, send it by text message, or share it to social media.

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iPhone Video App Notifications: Cleaner, Smarter Feed

Your iOS notification feed is much cleaner now. More signal. Less noise.

Opens, clicks, and plays are represented by send instead of being lined out individually.

The feed is comprised of all one-to-one sending from your main BombBomb account, all sends from the iOS app, and all sends from Gmail through the BombBomb PowerWheel.

iPhone video app, video email, BombBomb app, iOS video app, mobile video


Notice that the third notification card (“Ethan Beute”) is flipped over and allows the opportunity to call, record a video, or set a reminder for further follow up.

If you click “Remind,” you can choose when you’d like to be reminded to follow up again with this person. The options here are different from the reminder options in the PowerWheel for Gmail and from those shown below, which are email non-open reminders. This reminder is about the communication or opportunity at a higher level.

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As always, you have the option of turning on push notifications to your lock and home screens in the app settings. These will approximately mirror your notifications feed on the main screen of the app.

BombBomb app, mobile app, iPhone video app, iOS video app, mobile video


iPhone Video App Emails: Designs, Scheduling, Reminders

If you choose (Share this video by) “Email” after recording your video, you arrive at this new layout.

Start typing in a recipient’s name, a recipient’s email address, or a BombBomb list name to have it auto-populate. Choose from those auto-populations for an auto-complete.

Type in your subject line, then any text you want in the email body.

You have a “Quick View” to see what your email looks like and four new options below that.

iPhone video app, video email, email editor, BombBomb app, iOS app, video sending


Track” is on by default, but you can click it to turn it off if you’d like.

With the “SEND” button at the top, you can send your email immediately. With the “Schedule” button at the bottom, you can choose the day and time you’d like the video email sent from a calendar.

scheduled send, scheduled sending, iPhone video app, mobile video email, BombBomb app, iOS video app


Want BombBomb to let you know if this video email doesn’t get opened by a particular time? Click “Remind” and choose from the options or set a Custom day and time from the calendar.

email open, reminder, sales reminder, iPhone video app, video email reminder, BombBomb, iOS app


Finally (finally!) you can choose your email design inside the iPhone video app itself. To this point, you had to select a default Quick Send and mobile design inside your main online BombBomb account.

Click “Design” to see all your mobile email designs (same set as in Options in Quick Send). Choose the design you want for this specific video email send with just a couple clicks.

video email, email design, iPhone video app, BombBomb app, iOS app, mobile video


Quick Rundown

  • Far easier, more effective, and trackable than trying to email your own video
  • Equally quick as, higher quality than, and more trackable than trying to text your own video
  • Lighter, faster, and easier to use than previous BombBomb iOS app
  • Better workflow to text a video
  • Better workflow to add video to your library
  • Better workflow to upload a video from your camera roll
  • Ability to choose your email template / email design
  • Opportunity to see a “Quick View” preview of your video email before send
  • Ability to schedule your emails to send in the future
  • Ability to set reminders of nonopens
  • Ability to set reminders on the opportunity after the open
  • A cleaner tracking feed that now includes Gmail tracking
  • Better workflow to sending to an address book member or a BombBomb list (autofill)

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What Now?

If you already have the iOS app from BombBomb installed in your iPhone or iPad, you’ll automatically get this update. We’ll release it to the App Store for Apple’s review, approval, and push in early November – we expect you’ll get it automatically by mid-November.

[UPDATE NOV 16] The app is now live in the App Store. It’ll automatically update or show up in your Updates list for updating.


If you don’t yet have the iOS app from BombBomb installed, search “BombBomb” in the App Store and install it (or click here). Log in with your BombBomb email address and password. You’ll get the update shortly after we send it to the App Store.


If you have an iPhone or iPad but don’t yet have a BombBomb email address and password, click here to start your 2 week free trial. No credit card info is required to get started and you’ve got access to all features, including the iOS app.


If you don’t have an iPhone or iPad, we can still help! These updates will likely roll into the BombBomb Android app in spring 2017. Also, the design of the main online BombBomb application is mobile responsive, so you can access it from any mobile device by visiting BombBomb.com and logging in with the email address and password of your customer or free trial account.

Try BombBomb Free for 14 Days.



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Chief Evangelist at BombBomb, host of The Customer Experience Podcast, and Wall Street Journal bestselling co-author of Human-Centered Communication and Rehumanize Your Business, Ethan Beute collects and tells stories of clearer communication, human connection, and higher conversion through simple, personal video messages. BA: University of Michigan. MBA: University of Colorado-Colorado Springs.

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