iPhone Video App for On-The-Go Salespeople

November 17th, 2016


Designed to be lighter and faster. Designed to increase your speed to video. Designed to help you win on a one-to-one basis.

Now live: the iPhone video app for on-the-go salespeople.

We’ve been working on it for months. We previewed the app here. Now go in-depth and see how BombBomb for iPhone and iPad helps you identify and win more sales opportunities anywhere you are.


Read Time: 2 minutes, 10 seconds
Video Length: 7 minutes, 11 seconds
Takeaway: What’s new in BombBomb for iOS and what’ll come to BombBomb for Android


iPhone Video App for On-The-Go Salespeople


Watch the 7 minute, 11 second video above to see Steve demonstrate the new workflows and upgrades in the updated BombBomb iPhone app.

The primary goals: increase speed to video, increase video sending opportunities, and identify your best opportunities.


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iPhone Video App: Main Upgrades

  • Native iOS build for a faster experience overall
  • Improved workflow to text a video
  • Improved workflow to share video to social
  • Improved workflow to add a video to your library
  • Ability to choose your email design for each send
  • Ability to preview your video email before send
  • Ability to schedule your sends to go at any point in the future
  • Ability to set non-open reminders to reduce missed opportunities
  • Improved workflow for sending to address book contacts
  • Improved workflow for sending to a BombBomb list
  • Cleaner tracking feed focused on one-to-one sends
  • Ability to set longer term opportunity reminders from tracking feed
  • One-touch, mobile-optimized access to all your BombBomb emails in Settings


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iPhone Video App: Related Topics

See more screenshots and feature detail in the video above or in this preview post.

This app is free with your free trial account or paid customer subscription. You log into it with the email address and password associated with your free trial or subscription.

This iPhone video app will automatically update from the previous version if you have auto-updates on. If you have auto-updates off, it’ll be available in Updates in the App Store.

With this release, we’ll begin working on adding these improvements to our Android app.

We pared down this app to be oriented toward identifying and winning one-to-one opportunities with video and tracking. If you want full access to your BombBomb emails for viewing, tracking, or sending, click “Your Emails” in Settings.


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Get Started with BombBomb for iOS

Click here to start a 2 week free trial of BombBomb, which includes the iOS app.

Click here to see the BombBomb app in iTunes.

You can also search “BombBomb” in the App Store to find and install our iPhone video app.


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