Tips from a Video Influencer Who Solely Relies on His iPhone Camera – BombCast Episode 10

Last Updated January 30th, 2018

On January 18th, we spoke with Ryan Shields from Shields Real Estate Group! Ryan joined us live from the Real Estate Video BootCamp to talk about his journey into video, how he and his wife incorporated video into their everyday business routine, and give us tips on how to use video in a bootstrap way.

You can learn more about Ryan and his real estate business in MB, Canada here:

Ryan has seen so much success with connecting through iPhone camera videos and we loved chatting with him about his strategies. Check out Bombcast Episode 10 below.

Here are our 5 key Takeaways from the BombCast!

1 It’s About Telling a Story

Ryan and his wife work to create fun videos that tell a story. Ryan puts an emphasis on showing what it’s like to live in each house so that prospective buyers can imagine what the house could be. He points out that you’re not just selling the house, you’re selling the neighborhood and everything around the house as well. Talk less about the standard details of your product or service and start telling a story.

2 The Best Camera You Have is in Your Pocket

“All of our videos are shot 100% on an iPhone 7. I’ve never shot on a professional camera.” Video really doesn’t need to be complicated. You don’t need all the fancy equipment to see some great results like Ryan. During the BombCast, Ryan shared that he only uses his iPhone camera for videos – and it works great! His raw and authentic iPhone videos have been a success thus far.

3 Utilize Additional Video Goals to Get Better Results

Take your videos to the next level with some simple equipment and software. The DJI Osmo is great for achieving video when you are solo. Ryan does all of his own editing for his videos using Screen Flow. When it come to music, he suggests purchasing a couple of tracks to reuse. He also has connected with local bands to use their music in video.

4  Showcase Who You Are and Your Community

Ryan does a lot of focus on community videos, explaining how it creates a database for people moving to the area. This is a great way to connect with the people viewing your videos. Rather than bombarding people with business information, be authentic and talk about your favorite places to go with your family. Ryan films videos at this favorite locations in town and places he often goes with his family.

5  Your First Take is Your Best Take

Ryan and Jason discus how the genuinity of video can be stripped away when we end up doing too many takes. They also touched on the importance of going un-scripted. When ryan first started, every video was scripted. He talked about how hard it was to recover from mistakes in that situation. A better strategy is to start with an idea. Videos often flow so much better when you just go for it without a strict script.

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