The Inbound-Freemium Connection

Last Updated December 8th, 2020


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Today, though, marketers and technology have had to level up their online customer experience. An out-of-date online presence shows you aren’t paying attention, you’re struggling, and you aren’t putting customers first.

People are coming to your website because they actually want to evaluate you. Who you are online is something that absolutely impacts your business — whether positively or negatively, depending on how you’ve scaled.

The guest on today’s episode of The Customer Experience Podcast, Nicholas Holland, is an expert in keeping the customer top of mind in decision making about on-site experiences. To get a picture of how their site is running, he suggests that marketers do three things:

1. Secret shop yourself.
2. Use the site after hours.
3. Test the basic functionality of your site.

But it doesn’t end there…

Nicholas, General Manager and Vice President of Marketing Hub at HubSpot, has founded and led three companies. In his five years at HubSpot, he has served as Director of Labs and as VP of Product in Marketing, which has given him a direct line to marketing considerations for improving website experiences.

Nicholas talked with me about:

How he defines customer experience
How to improve websites
What online marketing considerations to take with your customers
Why freemium models work
What freemium cautions to be aware of



The Inbound-Freemium Connection

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Video Highlights: The Inbound-Freemium Connection

Check out the top five video highlights from the discussion with Nicholas Holland of HubSpot below…


1. Definition of Customer Experience



2. Three Tips to Improve Your Website



3. Three Marketing Considerations for the Year Ahead



4. Why Freemium?



5. Cautions on Moving to a Freemium Model



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