6 Ways to Improve Team Communication With Video

Last Updated April 3rd, 2020

Is something feeling a bit off within your team? Are goals and deadlines being missed that weren’t before? Are productivity and morale more of a challenge these days? These are all signs you need to improve team communication.

If that doesn’t happen, the problems will continue, stress will build, and that makes for unhappy employees. And guess what? This all trickles down and negatively impacts your customer experience – leading to unhappy customers, too.

So, how do we better these connections? Especially when working remotely and face-to-face time with team members is limited. You probably use email, Slack, Google Hangouts, or some other text-based internal communication platform.

But is plain text really enough to cultivate these important relationships within your organization? No, you need video.

Why? Because when we rely solely on text, the emotion is lost, so the message isn’t well-retained or just gets ignored altogether.

Video delivers the tonality and nonverbal cues needed to convey your message clearly in less time. And that’s what is needed to foster healthy working relationships. Alicia, our BombBomb National Speaker, explains this further in the video below…


Here are six ways you can improve team communication with video:

1. Provide Team Updates

Where does a project stand? How do we meet performance goals? What direction are we headed as a company?

These are all important questions that need answers for you and your team to thrive.

We can type out these updates all we want. But something is bound to get misinterpreted or lost in a thread of chat messages.

Video says more with less. It’s faster and eliminates frustration stemming from long text exchanges on important work processes.

You’re able to give your team members all the details they need to do their jobs – just like Dan, our Business Development Manager does in this video…


2. Share Feedback

Feedback is extremely valuable for professional growth and development in team communication.

Let’s face it – after working on something for so long, you need fresh insights to make the end result stronger.

But feedback is hard to deliver with text. It’s difficult for your empathy to shine through that way.

With a video, you can still show your appreciation for someone’s work, while giving concise beneficial feedback. They’ll see your face as you share your thoughts, making the overall message genuine and helpful.

That’s how our Content Marketing Manager, Alli, provides feedback in the video below…


3. Thank Your Team Members

We all like feeling like our work matters. So, if you’re grateful for someone’s work, tell them.

Better yet, show them with a simple thank you video. Record a video to send to them showcasing your gratitude, how much their hard work means to you, and why they’re such an asset to the company.

Our President and Co-Founder, Darin, makes it a point to send thank you video emails, like the one below, to employees…


Creating a video like this takes just a few minutes, but your recipients will remember it for a long time. It’s a small effort with a powerful impact.

4. Ask and Answer Team Questions

It’s tough to ask or answer team questions without being able to meet in person. There may be visual elements to consider or the situation might require further explanation. And a chat message can make things more confusing.

You can improve team communication remotely by using video to address any questions at hand.

You’ll be able to easily walk through things and eliminate potential misunderstandings. If you use a screen recorder, you can visually point out any problems or solutions.

Check out how Eleah, one of our Customer Success Managers, gets her question across with a screen recorder in the following video…


5. Check In on One Another

If you’re part of a team of newly remote workers, it can get lonely. It’s harder to keep camaraderie going that’s built effortlessly in an office setting.

So make time in your day to check in on your team members. Not just with a quick Slack message, but with a video that shows you actually care.

Keep the team bonding going from afar. Continue strengthening these relationships face to face with video.

Watch one of our Business Development Representatives, Mitch, check in on his team in the video below…


Use Video to Improve Team Communication Today

Now that you know why video is key to team communication, use this post as a guide to get started. Put the tips above into practice today, and you’ll improve your team communication in no time.

And if you’re thinking, “Why not just use Zoom?” – find out how video conferencing and video messaging can complement one another for better overall communication here.

If you’re struggling a bit with feeling comfortable on camera, here’s a resource to help you overcome that, too.

But remember, your videos don’t need to be perfect to build great relationships with your team members. It’s the imperfections that make you more relatable and make your interactions more authentic and genuine.

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