Factoring Human Emotions Into Data-Informed Decisions

Last Updated November 18th, 2022

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Customer experience isn’t just a feel-good function — even if feelings are foundational. Excellent customer experience drives business forward and improves outcomes. And it does this by decreasing acquisition costs, improving activation and engagement, increasing retention and expansion, and more.

We invest in CX to grow revenue.

On today’s episode is Vaishali Dialani, Customer Experience Analyst at Konabos Consulting. Vaishali gathers and utilizes robust data to shape CX into a revenue and positive experience-driving machine. By approaching customer experience as an intangible feeling with tangible results, she works to humanize brands at the customer level to provide the best experience possible.

Prior to her current role, Vaishali held titles like Head of Customer Experience and Head of Communication and Customer Engagement. Today she shares how she works to increase revenue by operating at the intersection of a CX professional and a business analyst. She also talks about how brands should take a cross-functional approach to CX that applies to multiple teams across a company — avoiding viewing CX as a standalone function, the importance of in-depth personalization using the latest technology, and how core values impact the customer experience.

Vaishali also shares with us:

Why you should install a CX function if there isn’t already one in place
What an effective way to collect qualitative customer feedback is
How we blend human emotions into the data mix for better decision making
What a few of the current themes or trends in customer experience are
How some companies are effectively utilizing customer personalization



Factoring Human Emotions Into Data-Informed Decisions

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Listen to “229. Factoring Human Emotions Into Data-Informed Decisions w/ Vaishali Dialani” on Spreaker.



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Video Highlights: Factoring Human Emotions Into Data-Informed Decisions

Check out the top five video highlights from the discussion with Vaishali Dialani


1. CX is an Intangible Feeling With Tangible Results



2. Our Tendency to Overcomplicate CX



3. The Emotions Behind the Numbers



4. Humanizing the Brand and the Business



5. Measurement and Personalization in CX


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