How You Can Nurture Your Clients with Video in Fitness Related Industries

Last Updated October 1st, 2018

Typically, when we talk about BombBomb, we talk about how it applies to real estate agents, mortgage professionals, business professionals, etc. Cody Morehead, a former Senior Inside Sales Representative at BombBomb, joined us on Straight from the Source to talk about using video in fitness related industries! We loved hearing about this unique perspective during the employee interview.

Cody started off the interview by explaining how, “I always felt like my biggest opportunity was actually being in front of people.” He talked about how much better his appointments or calls went when the client was able to see his face and expressions. Because of video, Cody says, “I’ve essentially been able to eliminate the cold call.”

How are others using video to get in front of people? Cody talked about a few of his clients who use video in the fitness industry. He helps them nurture their leads with one-to-one BombBomb video. And guess what? They’re killing it! Cody say, “Ultimately, at the end of the day, we work with people because we know, like and trust them.”

Check out these 3 ways to use video in the fitness industry:

1 Reach Out to People Who Follow You on Social Using Video

A potential client follows you on Instagram. They learn about who you are, what your program includes and what your company is about. Since they follow you, they know you and probably like you. When you reach out to those potential clients with a personalized, one-to-one video, you will blow their mind! You make the client feel important by taking the time to personally message them. Cody says you want to create a human experience with people as the priority.

When you reach out, here are a few important things to include in your video. Make sure to address the potential client by name. This way they know this is a video made just for them. Also make sure to include information about the services you provide and why they might be interested. Lastly, make the video human. Ask them how their day is going or tell them about yours.

Video in Fitness - Cody

2 Use Automated Video to Let People Know What to Expect with Your Program/Service

You don’t have to record personalized videos every time to make someone feel important. Cody says you just need to use “you language”. Because of this, it’s easy to record evergreen videos for customers at different stages of their membership. You can still make the video feel personal.

Cody asks, “How are you educating your customers on the services you’re providing?” Did someone just get a membership or commit to a certain number of classes? Give them a quick introduction and let them know what to expect. Has someone been with you for a month? Send an automated video checking in to see how they’re liking everything. Ask them how they are enjoying their membership or the classes. This will keep your older clients from feeling neglected.

3 Use One-to-One Follow Up Videos to See If the Client Likes the Service/Program

How is their experience? How are they following through with the program they selected? Whether it’s a week after your client started or a month, you should send another personal, one-to-one video to check in. Make sure to ask thoughtful questions. Cody asks, “Are you providing value in the conversations that you’re having?” Give your clients the space to give you positive or even negative feedback.

Once you get feedback from your client, you’ll be able to nurture the relationship further. If they are unhappy with something you can help change their program or help them switch programs. If they need more help you can get them the additional help they require. If they are doing just fine you can encourage them and congratulate them.

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