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Last Updated June 12th, 2019

It’s so hard to be seen and heard in a busy inbox. There’s a lot of competition in the marketing agency world and some people receive multiple emails every day from other companies just like you. How can you differentiate yourself? How can you gain new customers at a steady rate and maintain those relationships? According to Instapage, 55% of agencies say waiting on clients to respond is their #1 pain point. Databox says another big pain point for agencies is acquiring new customers.

How to get more clients | BombBomb Video Email

In this post, we’re going to be covering how three different marketing companies are solving those major pain points with video. Below we’ve added their testimonial videos so you can hear exactly what they’re doing to win with video.

According to a survey by Wyzowl, 94% of businesses see video as an effective tool and 81% of people saw an increase in sales when using video. As a marketing agency, you have to sell your services and explain your services to the best of your ability. Video is the best way to do that when you can’t be there in-person.

How Marketing Agencies Get Clients

Marketing Education – Bart Caylor

Bart runs an education marketing firm called Caylor Solutions and works with clients such as colleges and schools, helping them with their marketing communication needs. Through video email, Bart shared that he’s really been able to establish himself as a thought expert in marketing education. He also said it allows him to be seen as someone who is “innovative with the use of technology” which is important for his role. Bart is seeing a huge return on his investment as well.

How you can use video like Bart to transform your business:

1. Include BombBomb video in your cold emails.

Bart thinks of video emails as a replacement for a cold call voicemail. People will be surprised to be receiving a personal video from someone they haven’t met. Video has greatly helped Bart stand out in the inbox.

 2. Use video to explain your offerings.

Chances are, your recipients don’t want to read long emails describing your services. To them, you’re just another marketing company trying to waste their time. Why are you any different? Bart works in a niche market, so being able to use video to specifically explain his services has helped him get more business.

3. Create a nurture campaign that includes video.

If you haven’t already, you should set up an email nurture campaign for your customers. Bart has created an 8 week long nurture campaign with personalized video emails that go out every week. This makes his customers feel cared for.

4. Send personal videos to anyone who downloads your gated content.

Think through a piece of content that you can give in exchange for email addresses. Bart has a downloadable ebook available through an online form. Whenever he sees a new download, he sends a personal video. This helps him make even more connections.

Overall, Bart shared how obtaining new leads and doing cold calling is difficult. But with video email, he’s able to provide something of greater value and he’s able to achieve better engagement with current and past clients.

Video Marketing Company – Paul King

Paul King is the Founder of King Productions, a video marketing company based in Washington D.C.. Paul says their goal is to help their clients connect with their audience on a deeper level using video. Paul not only creates videos for his clients but he uses BombBomb to communicate with his clients using video email!

When emailing prospects, Paul explained he wasn’t getting any responses. Once he started using videos in his email, he started seeing a lot more responses to those emails! Paul reports seeing a 70% open rate which is pretty exciting when you’re cold emailing prospects.

Paul also talks about three types of video emails that he’s been using to get results:

1. Network Follow-Up Video Message

Paul eliminated business cards and created a form through his email marketing system and saved it to his iPhone home screen. When he meets someone at a networking event, instead of giving them a card, he has them fill out his form on his phone. After 24 hours, he has an automatic video email go out to that person. Paul says, “The reactions have been priceless.” People aren’t used to receiving video messages like this and it really differentiates you.

2. Use Video Email to Ask for Reviews

For Paul, a ton of business comes from word of mouth and referrals. So his company often sends out videos to clients sharing how they loved working with them and then asking them to leave an honest review on Google or Facebook. He also asks for a video email in return where they share their experience with King Productions.

3. Use Video Email to Explain Things That Are Hard to Explain over a typed out email or a phone call

Rather than telling someone how to do something, SHOW them how to do something – using video! Paul’s office is in a spot that can be hard to find so he recorded a video walk through on how to get to his office. He sends this out to all of his potential clients who are coming in for the first time. This builds trust right from that start and shows that you’ll be there to help that customer every step of the way.

It’s effective and it saves a lot of time.


Marketing Services Company – Javed Khan

Javed runs a marketing services company called Empression Marketing. They work with entrepreneurs and organizations, helping them use technology to produce tangible results. Being a marketing services company, it’s important to show that your have tech knowledge. Using video helps Javed come across as an expert in his field.

Javed has 3 points for any marketing company looking to get started with video:

1. Incorporate video as part of your process and experience
Consider video as a means to build stronger relationships. It allows you to easily start a conversation or keep a conversation going. Whether you’re communicating with a client, a lead a prospect or a business partner, use video to make the best impression.

2. Don’t use video to sell, use it to educate and connect
View video as a way to educate customers or prospects on your services. Don’t tell them to work with you, give them a reason to work with you by connecting to your audience through video.

3. Avoid big productions
Don’t worry about making the highest quality videos to impress prospects. People will connect with you when you’re real and authentic. Stats show that simple, raw, video can get better results. Just be yourself.

How can you use video to grow your database? Here are Javed’s tips:

  • Include video in your newsletters and in the video, ask your newsletter recipients for forward your newsletters over to anyone who’d be interested.
  • Host video webinars and require email addresses from anyone who wants to register.
  • Personally ask for info when you meet someone at an event and send them a “nice to meet you” video shortly after to build a stronger relationship
  • Promote any of your downloadable content with a video. Encourage people to sign up and download the content in your videos.
  • Send leads case study videos and ask them to join your database in order to receive more relevant information.
  • Record a video announcing a giveaway. Require people to share the video in order to enter the giveaway.

Javed’s top video recommendations to start recording today:

  • Onboarding Videos
  • Thank You Videos
  • Project Status Updates
  • Anniversary/Birthday Videos
  • Newsletter Videos
  • Follow-Up Videos
  • Introduction Videos
  • Confirmation Videos
  • Out of the Office Videos
  • Creative Concept Videos (Pro tip: use BombBomb Screen Recorder)

Now it’s time to put some of these strategies into practice. We suggest picking a few tips from this post to get started. And of course you’ll need to get setup with video email so you can easily execute these methods of gaining and retaining. BombBomb allows you to easily send video email. PLUS, with BombBomb, you’ll be able to schedule out your videos emails, make custom email templates and keep all your videos in a video library for easy access.

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