How to Connect with Customers in Times of Crisis With Video

Last Updated April 7th, 2020

Times of crisis come with uncertainty – for you, your clients, and your business. And there’s an understandable fear that comes with figuring out how to connect with customers right now. You may be worried about what their response might be, or losing their business. But it’s actually the best time to show them you care.

Because now, more than ever, face-to-face communication matters, and video allows you to do that with empathy, compassion, and kindness. These human interactions help you maintain meaningful relationships in a time we long for them the most. With video, you can also become the vessel of knowledge, value, and hope your community needs.

So, while you may be overwhelmed at home thinking, “How can I possibly reach out to clients at a time like this?” The simple answer is…with humility. Approach your messaging from a real and authentic place.

If you’re working from home and the dogs are barking and kids are running around in the background, don’t let that stop you from sending a video to your customers.

This is real life, and things happen. Embrace it. This is what makes people feel connected to you.

In our webinar, “Staying Connected With Clients During a Crisis,” our National Speaker Alicia Berruti and Client Enablement Manager Kevin Andrews break down how to connect with customers using video during tough periods. Watch the full video below, or read the recap below with webinar highlights…


“Solidarity goes a long way. This is your opportunity to just be present.” -Alicia

5 Videos to Send to Clients During a Crisis

Kevin and Alicia discussed five videos (at the 43-minute mark) you should be sending amid a crisis, and how to execute them in ways people will remember long after this is all over.

As you read through these video methods, remember to always approach communication during a crisis with sensitivity. Because you might not be affected by this crisis the same way your clients are. Be mindful of that (and don’t forget to adjust automations accordingly).

Here’s how to connect with customers during hard times with video:

1. Thank You (43:00 minute mark)

People like to feel appreciated. Hearing a simple “thank you” can make their day.

Because gratitude just makes us feel good. It helps us sleep better. It helps with stress. It’s just good for your body and your mind.

So, take this opportunity to thank your clients for working with you. Tell them how much you appreciate them investing in you and your business.

It’s simple, yet powerful. And that small, personal act of gratitude is what is going to stick with your customers, not a generic email with information on the stock market and interest rates.

Alicia puts this so well…

“People are going to remember how you made them feel more than anything during this time.” -Alicia

So, be kind, show empathy, and be appreciative in your videos.

2. Checking In (46:05 minute mark)

If there ever was a time to check in with people, it’s now. Send a video to your clients and ask them how they’re doing. Ask them, “Are you OK? What do you need? And how can I help you?”

These are video messages that should be truly personal to each client. They should be one to one, not sent to your entire database.

You can use social media to get your video to your recipient, but do it via private messaging. Don’t post it to their page. But video email is best in this circumstance.

And to be successful with these videos, you need to follow through and actually care. Because…

“You’re investing in your business, by investing in your people.” -Kevin

Your business will grow naturally if you take care of your customers.

3. Providing Value (51:20 minute mark)

We get it, it’s hard to stay motivated when things are tough. But Alicia stresses that now is not the time to disappear or shut down. It’s time to be visible, lead, and provide value.

Get creative with the videos you send to your clients. So as you brainstorm how to connect with customers, think outside of the box of your business. Step out of your comfort zone and bring joy to others when they need it most.

Do a read-aloud of children’s books for your customers’ kids to enjoy on Facebook live. Share video recipes they can try with their own families as they cook more at home – like Lydia does below…


Your community needs you. Be a leader they can count on.

“Have fun. Everyone needs fun right now.” -Alicia

4. Be the Digital Mayor of Your Community in Crisis (56:00 minute mark)

With crises, comes neverending news articles, Facebook posts, etc. There’s so much to sort through, and it’s hard to decipher which are legitimate sources and which aren’t.

Take some of this off the plates of your clients. Set aside time in your day to do this research for them, and present it to them in creative ways on camera.

Tell them what’s going on it their city or state. But make sure it is valuable and factual.

If you’re not comfortable offering more technical or legal information, you can create videos pointing them to where they can find it themselves.

Or let them know about more fun things like online drawing or dance classes, small businesses that need support, or restaurants shifting to take out and delivery.

Knowledge brings comfort. Be a reliable source of information they can turn to.

“Once your clients are more confident and they feel like they have more information, they’re going to feel more comfortable. That’s a way to provide a sense of safety for them during this crazy time.” -Kevin

5. Business (59:00 minute mark)

The reality is that you still have a business to run throughout this crisis period. And video is one of the easiest and most effective ways you can communicate with your clients at this time.

The fear of the unknown is real during a crisis. That said, when you record your videos, be sure to overcommunicate with leads and clients on how things are moving forward to put them at ease.

Educate them and keep them informed every step of the way. Let them know well in advance what to expect and what’s changing.

They will retain your video updates much better than they would a plain-text email.

“You have an opportunity to communicate at a really high level in a really human way.” – Alicia

Your clients will remember your videos. So, when life gets back to normal (and it will), you and your business will be top of mind.

“You’re sending videos right now to plant seeds,” Kevin explains. “It doesn’t mean you’re going to get business right now, but it will pay off at some point. That connection is going to pay off in dividends not only for your business and clients but also for you.”

Stay Connected With Video in Tough Times

You now know how to connect with customers throughout this chaotic period with video.

But it’s also important to improve team communication in uncertain times. You can do that with video, too.

If you need additional guidance, visit our COVID-19 resource page for more resources for communication during a crisis.

You can also look through our past webinars to get you started. And tune in to our Facebook page for our Facebook Quick Hits series for live mini webinars on Tuesday and Thursdays at 12 p.m. MST.

We’re here to help you every step of the way. So, get on camera and start crushing it with video today!

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