How to Build Your Personal Brand While Still Working for a Major Company

Last Updated June 4th, 2018

Personal branding is such an important thing – even if you are under the umbrella of a big business. Javed Khan, one of our recent BombCast guests, touched on the importance of differentiating yourself while still representing a large brand. It’s a matter of communicating your brand’s message while finding a way to be different from the pack. In the end people chose to work with you, not the brand you are apart of.

During the BombCast, Jason says it comes down to “know, like and trust.” The brand you’re under will typically help you with this but ultimately, it’s up to you to gain the trust of consumers and prospects. Here are two tips to gain trust and build your personal brand while working for a company.

1 Embrace the Changing Times – Even If Your Company Isn’t

What does this mean? Conversations have moved away from just phone calls and emails. You can now have great conversations through LinkedIn Messages and Facebook Messenger. You can send text messages or video in email. There are so many ways to communicate now and the key is finding what your prospects prefer. Javed says, “how do we embrace this as part of our bigger sales process?”

Other real estate agents or sales professionals might be failing to keep up with the times and that is where you can differentiate yourself. If you’re a RE/MAX agent and there are a ton of RE/MAX agents in your area, how are you going to stand out as the better option? Here are a couple of blog posts on how other real estate agents and sales professionals are differentiating themselves:

Javed says he keeps up with the changing times and differentiates himself through video. Which brings us to…

2 Use Video to Get Face-to-Face

So how do you start building your personal brand the right way? One of Javed’s first suggestions is video. He asks, “How do you differentiate yourself right away? The first thing I’m starting to do, quite religiously, is video! That’s my differentiator.”

Javed suggests sending video emails in response to voicemails. According to Javed, email continues to be the number one digital tactic and with the highest ROI. Illuman Media says, “58% of adults wake up and immediately check their email.” and “Email is 40 times better at converting people than Facebook and Twitter.” When you do email marketing right, you can see a major ROI. Our clients here at BombBomb see a lot of success through their video emails. BombBomb allows you to see open rates on your emails and click rates on your video – which makes measuring the success of your campaigns super easy.

Javed visited our office here at BombBomb just a few days ago and since then, he has sent a lot of our marketing team members BombBomb videos through LinkedIn! We so appreciated his videos and seeing his face as he thanked us for the visit. He definitely differentiated himself in our minds through being intentional with video.

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