How to Build an Elite Customer Support Team

Last Updated February 18th, 2019

Customer Support Team

The BombBomb Customer Care team is nothing less than a panel of rockstars. If you’ve spoken to our Customer Care team, whether you’ve had a technical issue with your account or you needed advice on how to succeed with video, you know exactly what we’re talking about. Our Customer Care Associates are some of the most intelligent, empathetic, and sincere people at our company, and they take their roles to staggering heights by going above and beyond to ensure our customers are taken care of and satisfied. The Customer Care team is an essential part of the experience we try to provide for all of our customers.

In creating this insane team, we’ve learned a thing or two about what to look for when trying to build the best customer support team for your business. Take a look at the following tips that have helped us find the best, brightest, and most skilled individuals for our customers (and for us):

Hire Above the Role

Don’t just hire a customer support specialist. If you hire people who have only ever done customer support, you’ll never get any variety or perspective when it comes to interacting with your customers and you’ll always have high turnover. Look for people with some experience behind them that can be applied to the support role, such as those who have served in other customer-facing jobs and have developed people skills. Speaking with people in different environments helps to prepare people for unique types of interaction. Furthermore, a key to keeping this team after it’s built is having low turnover; people who are slightly overqualified go above and beyond and take initiative and ownership, which brings satisfaction and fulfillment to their roles. Here at BombBomb, we’ve hired people who have worked in restaurants, healthcare, cable, insurance, and so many other fields where they’d learned different and unique social skills they can utilize. It all starts with the talent you bring in!

Compensate Well in Base and Commission

Your support team has a tough job — they need to know the product inside out and battle through complex technical problems…all while ensuring the customer succeeds at the end of the day. Therefore, their salary should be commensurate not only with their professional experience, but also with these efforts. If you don’t pay them what they’re worth, don’t expect them to stick around! Commission for customer support may be rare, but by providing your support team opportunities to earn more money, it can serve as motivation for them to flex their sales skills. Find ways to gamify upsells with a trophy or reward. Our support team earns more by monetized great customer satisfaction (CSAT) responses, upsell opportunities, feature add-ons, and more.

Training, Training, Training

To set up your customer support team for success, they need to be intimately familiar with your product and stay on top of updates, new features, and other changes. It isn’t enough just knowing about the product — it’s knowing what can go wrong, how to fix technical problems, and what customers can do to see the best results. It’s imperative that you provide constant training to your support team so they are never left in the dark on what your product can do. Our support team takes refresher learning courses, does role-playing exercises, and engages in “disarming Rambo” drills for the angry or difficult caller. They also do cross departmental training where Sales, Technology, Product, QA, and Marketing representatives visit their meetings to help train through different lenses and provide additional information that may not be in their training resource stack

Allow Room for Development

Imagine having to answer call after call and solve ticket after ticket for eight hours straight. Support teams can get a little variety based on the topic of each phone call, but aside from that, development can be pretty limited. Get to know your support team by understanding their professional goals, and then set aside time for them each week to work on these goals. It could be a new skill that can be used in their role, a training course, or participating in mentorship. Give agents additional responsibility in their current role and empower them to take ownership, which keeps them motivated and accountable. Our support team frequently engages in side projects to mix up their workload, own skill-based duties like running meetings or providing reporting statuses, calculating analytics for support team activity, and more.

Create a Good Culture and Environment

Talking to customers is usually a joy for your support team, but sometimes when they get someone who woke up on the wrong side of the bed, it can quickly go downhill. Through the good and bad times, it’s important to maintain a culture and environment that exudes motivation, fun, and support so your team always has a positive vibe surrounding them. If your team feels happy and valuable in their surroundings, chances are, it will take a lot to bring them down. Another important factor is having support from others — empowering your team to make decisions allows them to engage in a solution, creating pride and ownership while making an impact. The BombBomb support team receives regular shout-outs for jobs well-done, is allotted frequent breaks to get away from their desks, and has the support of the entire organization behind them. Additionally, they set team goals and are taken to coffee or lunch when they accomplish them!

We call them “Customer Care” rather than “Customer Support” for a reason. Providing support is a very transactional event that usually isn’t a human-enriching experience. You have tunnel vision and usually only solve the problem in front of you. Customer Care is a relational event that enriches others and allows you to solve not just the issue, but the source of the pain. The purpose is to strengthen the relationship with the client.

These are just a few things we practice at BombBomb to keep our customer support top-notch and on fire. If you’re struggling to run a customer support team that encourages the success of your company and your customers, try out some of these tips and see how your team responds. What qualities do you look for when adding members to your customer support team? How do you ensure your team is treated well so they feel valued?


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