How to Attract Leads with Valuable Content

Last Updated May 29th, 2018

Do you find a lot of your time going into finding leads? The method of ‘“attracting leads” rather than chasing them is definitely a challenge. You won’t have leads coming to you unless you put in the work. During BombCast Episode 23 with Katie Lance, we touched on this idea of creating content to attract leads. How do you market yourself so effectively that people come to you? We’ve got some simple steps to help you attract the right leads.

Create Content That Shows Who You Are

People typically don’t decide to work with a brand, they decide to work with YOU. This is why you can’t just market your business and your brand, you need to market yourself. You need to be producing personal content that reflects who you are and shows your personality.

Posting personal content can be difficult. It’s easy to hide behind your brand and avoid being vulnerable on social media. Here are some realistic places to get started with personal content. Once you get more comfortable creating content, you can have more fun with the process.

  • Take selfie videos at your favorite places around town and share them on your Instagram or Facebook Story
  • Post a photo of you with your pets or kids and share it on your Instagram. You might find that personal photos like this do way better than anything that looks like an ad!
  • Share some of your daily routine; your morning cup of coffee, the most beautiful view you see that day, the best book you’re currently reading, etc.

If you’re stuck with your content creation, head to this blog post for some inspiration: Gary Vaynerchuk’s Got a Job for You: Become a Virtual Content Mayor

Post You Personalized Content Consistently

You can’t post one photo of your coffee in the morning and expect people to connect with you. In order to help people know you, you need to post personal content consistently! You need to post daily. The goal is to have people check out your social media accounts and say “I feel like I know you!” Once they feel like they know you, they’ll know if they want to work with you!

Creating content every day is hard. But no one ever said you need to create content every day – you just need to POST it every day. This is where batch content creation comes in. Katie Lance shared that she creates content in batches all the time! Check out these creation ideas:

  • Sit down and write out all the content ideas you need to create and make a plan.
  • Block off at least two days a month and keep those days completely free for batch creation.
  • Change outfits while creating videos. No one will know you filmed them on the same day!


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Make Sure Your Leads Are a Good Fit

When you have leads coming to you, they know you from your content and they’re ready to work with you. But are you ready to work with them? Once you start attracting leads, you have the ability to meet with them and make sure they’re a good fit for you. If you’re in a company, you might also have the ability to connect them with a co-worker who’s a better fit.

A lot of people measure leads based on how interested they seem as well as how their budget and expectations match up. When you have a lot of leads coming to you, you can start adding some additional factors to you assessment. Here are additional things to analyze:

  • How do they work through the decision-making process? If you are a real estate agent, for instance, and prefer to close deals as soon as possible, they might be a bad fit if they are slow at decision-making.
  • Is your lead being reluctant? If someone reaches out to you but seems reluctant, they might not be ready buy a home, go through with a sale, etc. in the first place! This might be the type of lead you turn down. You don’t want to waste time when you have other leads who are 100% ready to work with you.
  • Does your lead seem trustworthy? A lot of people worry about the salesperson or the realtor being untrustworthy. But what about the leads? When you sit down to meet with leads, analyze their tone of voice and their body language. Make sure their buying intentions are clear and honest.

Now it’s time to get other there and create some killer content to attract leads! What content do you plan to work on this week? Let us know in the comments.

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