How and Why You Can Benefit from Hiring a Videographer to Help You Create Unique Content

Last Updated October 1st, 2018

It was great hearing all about Eileen Lacerte’s video journey during this episode of the BombCast! Being a realtor in such an isolated location, Eileen says that she has to market to clients she never even sees in person. She relies heavily on video to get face-to-face with her clients and she sees amazing results with this strategy. She also has used a videographer to help her create unique content.

There are so many videos you can shoot solely on your mobile device, but when you’re ready and prepared, hiring a videographer can really have it’s benefits. It’s also not as expensive as you may think. Many former BombCast guests have hired current film students, or wedding videographers on weekdays at extremely reasonable rates!

Watch BombCast Episode 35 below to hear how Eileen has been using video in her business.

We not only loved hearing about how Eileen got a 11.5 Million Dollar Sale, we also loved hearing about her experience hiring a whole media crew. While visiting VaynerMedia to do Gary Vee’s Daily Digital Deep Dive, Eileen met a videographer she really liked. She ended up hiring their whole media team to come film her for an entire week.

Until this, Eileen has only been doing simple one-to-one video. Eileen told us about these three things she learned while having a video crew document her resort lifestyle:

They Capture Moments You Would Be Scared to Capture Yourself

We like to hide the “human” moments we have throughout the day and we often try to look perfect on camera or on social media. By having an outside crew come in, you’ll be forced to get out of your comfort zone and you’ll have to give up control.

Eileen told a great story while on the BombCast. She explained how the camera crew had come with her to a house that she was preparing for a showing. Eileen had to get furniture out and get things arranged, which takes about an hour. She shared that she was embarrassed to have the camera crew capture this moment. After sweating from all the running around, she just didn’t think people needed to see that part of the process.

The camera crew helped her realize that it showed how hard of a worker she is. People don’t always want to see you looking calm and perfect. They’ll connect with you more when they see you being human!

They Find Special Moments That You Take For Granted

Eileen lives on a beautiful resort in Hawaii. For a lot of people, this would be extraordinary but for Eileen it’s just normal everyday life. By having an out of town camera crew there, they were able to help Eileen notice the beautiful things that she often takes for granted. They filmed things she may never have thought to get on camera. Eileen said she had multiple moments where her camera crew pointed out something that she thought was totally normal. She says, “They see things I take for granted.”

They Help You See the Big Picture

Ultimately, Eileen is selling a resort lifestyle. Since Eileen herself lives on the resort, what better way to show the lifestyle than to document Eileen’s life? The crew helped Eileen see this big picture. She says, “I’m so busy doing the work that I don’t see the big picture that they see.”

Eileen often works with clients she’s never met in person since they live in a different state. By having a crew document her for a week, she was able to have video that will help people know what they’ll experience when the move to the island. She also has video that shows her work ethic, video that shows she’s human. Eileen shared that by having a video crew, she was reminded of the value she can actually bring her customers.


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