How and Why to Start a Daily Vlog – And What We’ve Learned from Ours!

Last Updated October 22nd, 2018

Did you know 6 out of 10 people prefer online video platforms to live TV? It’s important to reach people where they prefer to consume content. Vlogging is such a great way to capture your follower’s attention and keep them engaged.

We’ve wanted to start a daily vlog but we were intimidated by the work load, and the fear of not knowing what content we could talk about every day. So we watched vlogs from Peter McKinnon, Cody Wanner and Gary Vaynerchuk to get some inspiration. We decided to ask our employees one question a day, and have them film their answers on their laptop or smartphone. Matt Mead, our Visual Storyteller then collects the video answers and edits the content each day.

This has turned into one of our most successful series on social media! Every Friday our Content Team meets to decide the topics for the week. We ask specific people in the company to answer the questions if we know they have a lot of knowledge on the topic of the day.

Our goal is to help our customers and followers on their video journey with tips and tricks that we’ve learned here at BombBomb! Here’s a recap of our 5 favorite BombBomb Daily Episodes so far! Head to our Facebook Video Page or YouTube Channel to access all of our BombBomb Daily Episodes.

#3 How Do You Increase Your Video Play Rates?

Our employees here at BombBomb have great advice on methods to get better video play rates. You’ll love this episode if you’re looking for some practical advice you can implement right away! Here are just a few of the tips..

– In the text of your email, ask your recipient to watch the video above. Tell them what’s in the video and what they’ll get out of it so they’ll be more likely to watch.

-Catch their eye by waving at the beginning of your videos. This works best in the animated preview of your BombBomb videos!

Get all the tips and watch BB Daily Episode 3 here:

#4 How Do You Implement a Strong CTA in Your Emails?

Just by adding a call to action to your email you can increase the click through rate by 371%. That’s a pretty crazy statistic and it shows just how important a good CTA can be. A lot of the team members here at BombBomb sends emails and newsletters regularly so they had great tips for the vlog on using successful CTA’s.

-Be very specific with your call-to-action. What is the end result you’re looking for and what is the purpose of your email?

-Write your call to action on a whiteboard and hold that whiteboard up in your video. The second they open the email and see that video, they’ll know the CTA.

Get the rest of the tips and watch BB Daily Episode 4 here:

#7 What is a Sales, CS or Marketing Presentation That Impacted You?

We talked to some BombBomb employees about impactful presentations that they’ve watched or listened to. In this vlog episode we also talked about our upcoming Video Influencer Summit, Rehumanize. We hope to have some impactful presentations during this event happening May, 2019 in Denver.

Watch the full episode to hear more about Rehumanize here:

#8 What Are Some Business or Motivational Books That Have Influenced You?

We love good, influential books here at BombBomb – so much so that our VP of Marketing is currently working on a book about our company! If you’re wanting some good recommendations, this is a good episode to watch. Some of the recommendations include….

-“How to Win Friends and Influence People,” by Dale Carnegie
– “Essentialism” by Greg McKeown
– “How to Wow,” by Frances Jones
– “The Five Dysfunctions of a Team” by Patrick Lencioni

Hear all about why you should read these books: 

#11 Give Us an Example of When Video Beats Text

Typed-out text can mislead. Have you ever misread an email? Or been misunderstood in a text message? Of course. We all have. Video says it better. In this episode we talked about situations where video works better than text! Whether it’s a happy birthday message or an apology, you’ll love these examples from our employees.

Watch the full episode here:

Looking for more video inspiration? Head to our Facebook Video Page or YouTube Channel to access all of our BombBomb Daily Episodes!

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