Holiday Greetings for Business: Genuine Ways to Reach Out to Your Clients this Season!

Last Updated November 16th, 2020

Everything about this year has been unprecedented. All of us are lacking human connection and feeling higher levels of stress and isolation. It’s hard to know the right time to reach out to your clients. It can also be hard to figure out what to say.

Should you pretend the upcoming holidays will be the same as they’ve been in the past?  Unfortunately, ignoring 2020 won’t just make it go away, (we’ve all tried!) So how can you show your clients that you understand the hardships they’re facing heading into this holiday season? How can you show up for them and provide that empathetic human connection all of us are seeking?

You can show up for your clients this holiday season by using video to acknowledge these unprecedented times. A video is a visual representation of you as an empathetic person. It demonstrates that you know this year is different because it is unprecedented.  Connecting to your clients with video this holiday season is a way to show them you understand the struggle of the past year and that they aren’t alone… they have you.

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Why Video Matters This Holiday Season

This year, Hubspot reports that 71% of people watch more videos than they did last year. Consumers reported they’re watching more videos for things like product demonstrations, entertainment, and information gathering.

Businesses have also caught on quickly to this continually rising trend. Wyzowl reports that 85% of businesses are now using video as a marketing tool. In 2016 it was just 61%! Ignoring this jump in video from both a marketing and consumer standpoint is essentially ignoring one of the fastest-growing ways you can reach your clients.

So now that you know why video is so important this year, let’s talk about some genuine ways to reach out to your clients using video this holiday season.

Three Ways to Reach Out to Your Clients With Video This Holiday Season

1. Gratitude Videos

Creating and maintaining a personal connection through video is one of the best ways you can reach your customers on an emotional and personal level.

A great way to create that personal connection is by directly expressing gratitude for your clients in a video.  Show your appreciation, say “Thank You” and let them feel your gratitude by being your genuine self.

“The goal of video isn’t to send more videos. The goal of video is to create opportunities for you to deeply connect with those people who have helped your business grow.”
– Alicia Berruti, BombBomb

To learn more about how to craft the perfect gratitude message check out our blog on “5 Thank You Video Messages to Send for More Meaningful Business.”

2. Resource Videos

Another way to connect and build community for your entire client database is to create a holiday video email campaign. A video email campaign focuses on what people may need during a specific time in their lives – in this case – the holiday season during a very tough year.

Below are a few examples of holiday video email campaign ideas to help get you started.

• Local Charity Events
Let your clients know about charities in their area that can benefit from their help this holiday season. Food pantries, family angel trees, and toy drives are all great options.

• COVID Safe Holiday Activities
Many traditional holiday activities have been replaced with safer alternatives. Check out the safety information for things like your local holiday zoo lights or skiing and pass the information along.

• Self Guided Holiday Light Tour
Send your clients a map of the best holiday lights you find in their neighborhood so that they have an easy way to see the best of the best!

• Replacing Lost Events and Activities
This holiday season is different and it’s possible many family events and activities will be canceled or postponed. Provide your clients with a “how to” list of alternative holiday activities and celebration ideas.  Help them plan exceptional virtual celebrations or create family care packages for the “day of” so everyone can feel closer.

3. Holiday Business Greetings – With Video

Rather than sending a traditional holiday card this year, consider sending a video greeting with BombBomb instead.  Holiday cards are always wonderful, but they’re also one-way communication.

A holiday greeting video encourages ongoing communication by opening up the door for a reply. BombBomb’s “Reply with Video” feature makes it easy for anyone to reply with their own video – even if they don’t have a BombBomb account.

Sending a video rather than a card also encourages human connection. If your clients can see you being real and honest, they’re more likely to feel connected to you.  The only replacement for this level of interaction is seeing your clients in person.

Now that you have some ideas for genuine ways to reach out to your clients this holiday season, let’s discuss some best practices to help guide you through the process.

How to Create Holiday Greetings for Business Using BombBomb

Follow the Rules of Email Marketing

There are three guidelines for sending marketing emails to clients. When reaching out this holiday season, it’s important to remember that your video should fall in line with at least one of them.

  1. Make it personal.
  2. Answer a question, solve a problem, or provide value – for them.
  3. Entertain them by providing connection through humor or empathy.

Use a Template

BombBomb offers a variety of seasonal templates to help showcase your video. This easy-to-follow guide will help walk you through how to use the template feature. From holiday specific to winter wonderland, there’s a theme for almost every video!

Don’t Ask for Anything

The reason you’re reaching out to your clients over the holidays, especially this year, is to show them you care. Don’t use this as an opportunity to ask for referrals or for more business.

Schedule Your Send

BombBomb makes it easy to create your holiday videos and schedule your send ahead of time.   To learn how to schedule your send, follow these steps.

Need Additional Guidance for Reaching Out to Your Clients This Holiday Season

For more resources on reaching out to your clients during this holiday season, we’ve included some links to help you along the way:

• How to Connect with Customers in Times of Crisis With Video
• How to Send Holiday Messages That Generate Replies and Start Conversations

And, if you want to learn more about Genuine Ways to Reach Out to Your Clients During the Holiday Season we’ve embedded a full webinar below…

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