5 Tips for Your Holiday Email Sending

Last Updated December 13th, 2016

One of the challenges of sending email successfully is that you’re not sure when to send or what to say.

One advantage of holiday email sending is that it covers both!

Throughout the year, you have opportunities to reach out to prospects, clients, and other people. You know exactly when they are – with plenty of notice. And the basic message is simple and obvious.


Here’s a client’s reply to a Thanksgiving email one of our customers sent with a 17 second video simply expressing thanks for that person …

“Ahhhhh…YOU MAKE ME FEEL SO SPECIAL! I wish the same for you … love the video!!!!!


To help you take advantage of the opportunity that holidays provide you, here are 5 questions to guide your sends this season and in the year ahead.


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Takeaways: Help planning and preparing your holiday email sending


Holiday Email Sending: 5 Tips and Considerations


1. Video or No Video

Should you send a holiday video email? Or send a more traditional email with text and graphics?

Most holidays have an inherent emotional tone and personality. If it’s a holiday to which you feel connected, draw on that emotion with the more human touch video provides.

Give a warm greeting. Tell a holiday story. In a simple video.


Think about your last birthday on Facebook – your wall covered with kind, well-meaning, but remarkably similar birthday wishes.

Did someone send birthday wishes by Facebook Messenger instead of to your wall? Or add an image or graphic to the wishes? Or share a birthday video? Or even record a personal video just for you?

Which Facebook birthday posts stood out? Which do you remember?

Even in a mailbox an an inbox full of holiday greetings, being just a little bit different helps you stand out completely.


In Short: Video email is better than traditional email, which is generally better than no holiday email at all.


2. Mass Send vs One to One

Should you send your holiday email to your entire database all at once? Or should you reach out on a one-to-one basis with specific messages for specific people.

BombBomb customers do both. Some send to everyone. Others reach out in a direct, personal way.

The advantage of the former is obvious – it’s efficient. One video, one email, one list, one send.

The advantage of the latter is that you can make a bigger impact and stronger connection. Especially if you want to express sincerity or gratitude, the more specific and personal you can be, the better.


Hybrid Option: Send to everyone, but follow up underneath on a one-to-one basis with a much more personal and specific message.


3. Make Your Design or Choose an Off the Shelf Design

Our Email Composer allows you to drag and drop graphics, images, videos, and more from your desktop straight into your email. If you have holiday imagery, it’s pretty easy to make and send your own design.

But we also provide you with a handful pre-made holiday email designs.


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To browse and choose a pre-made holiday email, follow this sequence:

  • Go to “Emails”
  • Click “New Email” in the upper left
  • In the New Email, go to “Design” and click “Change” next to the template
  • In the template library, click “Holiday” on the right
  • Click any design or click “Choose” at work with that design


Here, for example, is a “Cheers!” email design with a season theme that could be used any time in December or early January. Notice that this design – and all our other designs – are set up for video. You can remove that media space, but we always recommend you add that human touch!

holiday email, holiday email design, email design, email template, BombBomb


Hybrid Option: You can choose one of our pre-made holiday templates as a starting point, then use the Composer to edit it to your own specifications. You can even save it as a new template after you modify it!


4. Pitch vs No Pitch

This consideration is a classic … to pitch or not to pitch? To wish a Happy New Year alone? Or to wish a Happy New Year and a reminder that I’m here to serve you in the year ahead?

The answer, of course, depends on your own preference, your own style, and your relationships with the people in your database.

Some sales professionals see themselves as friends – so the pitch would be a step beyond what they feel is appropriate.

Others are more oriented toward action and transaction. And their contacts understand this about them.

There’s a way to infuse your message with a hint of personal brand and the service of trusted advisor without being insincere about the holiday message.


What’s comfortable to you? What do you expect your three or four favorite, ideal clients might think?

Let the answers to these two questions guide you.


Tip: If you’re going to include some form of self, business, product, or service mention, make it one of gratitude and include it right off the top – before you turn into the holiday greeting itself.

Putting the mention after the well wishes or spirit of the season may dull the warmth and sincerity.


Concept: Many customers combine their business with the holiday with events like turkey drives or client appreciation pie giveaways. These make seamless and tangible the customer-business-holiday relationship. And you can use email and video email


5. Send Early or On Time

You’ve got your holiday email set up to send to your database. You recorded a video into it to bring it to life. You included a nice brand mention off the top.

Now … send immediately? Or schedule the send to go soon? Or schedule the send to go on the holiday itself?

BombBomb makes it easy to send whenever you’d like.


In general, you’re likely better off sending your holiday email before the day itself.

Our mobile devices mean we’re “on” nearly all the time now, but the inbox isn’t a go-to place on, say, Thanksgiving Day or Christmas Day.

That said, I’ve sent newsletters on several holidays that fall on Mondays with open, click, and play rates consistent with historical averages.

Rule of thumb: The “larger” the holiday, the earlier the send.

Earlier sending also allows for prospect and client replies, responses, and conversations prior to the holiday itself.


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