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Last Updated October 31st, 2018

If you’re looking for an agent or broker who is building relationships everyday through digital face-to-face communication – also known as real estate video email – you’re in the right place.

Our Real Estate Video Influencers project presented by Tom Ferry includes the top 10 real estate BombBombVideo creators.

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1 Erik Brown

Douglas Elliman | Beverly Hills, CA

Photo of Erik Brown, Real Estate Video Influencers

Erik Brown is another repeat video influencer that was ranked in our “Recorded Video” category last year and is now headlining our BombBomb category this year. Erik’s videos are the perfect combination of raw and produced. With 2,253 videos sent from BombBomb, he is a true power user that is taking advantage of both the web application and mobile app. Erik has also mastered the art of creating pre-recorded videos that feel personal, but still allow him to make the most of his time. We love his use of props in his videos and his ability to tie his video marketing efforts with his other marketing efforts, like events and direct mail. Erik is a true video influencer and one of the most creative BombBomb users we’ve seen to date.

2 Wendy Cheung + Craig Barton-Hill

Re/Max Core Realty Inc | Ottawa, ON

Photo of Wendy Cheung, Real Estate Video Influencer

Wendy Cheung and Craig Barton-Hill are pumping out tons of one-to-one videos. They’ve had their account for almost three years and in that timeframe have sent 3,660 videos, averaging around 1,200 videos per year! This team is especially skilled in cold lead follow-up and new lead responses, but we were also impressed with their use of testimonial videos, pre-recorded videos, and just general day-to-day client communication.

3 Andy Alger

Keller Williams First | Grand Blanc, MI

Photo of Andy Alger, Real Estate Video Influencer

With videos totaling at 3,700, Andy is a long time (since 2013) user of BombBomb. Andy is a wonderful communicator through video. Here is a prime example of how he creates value for himself and provides a great CTA. Andy approaches video with a relaxed demeanor. We suspect this is what helps him build trust with his recipients.

4 Brad DeVries

HomeServices of America | Minneapolis, MN

Photo of Brad DeVries, Real Estate Video Influencer Winner

Brad is the President and CEO of HUFF Realty/Semonin Realtors/Rector-Hayden Realtors/Wakefield Reutlinger Realtors, and clearly extremely busy because of that. Despite being so busy, Brad uses BombBomb almost exclusively to send “Happy Birthday” videos to all of his agents. This allows him to maintain his relationships with his team, and be there in person when he can’t be there in person!

5 Richard Nagel

RE/MAX Elite | Monmouth Beach, NJ

Photo of Richard Nagel, Real Estate Video Influencers

Richard is a broker/owner who is using BombBomb to help sell, but also to recruit and retain agents. He also uses video to follow up with agents after meeting with them and provide them with tips that he’s learned in real estate throughout his career. Since joining BombBomb four years ago, RICHARD HAS SENT 4,023 VIDEOS ALL BY HIMSELF!

6 Nick Leibbrand

iHomes Colorado | Denver, CO

Photo of Nick Leibbrand, Real Estate Video Influencer

NICK HAS RECORDED OVER 1,000 VIDEOS AFTER JUST ONE YEAR WITH BOMBBOMB. He’s using video a lot to for both lead response and cold lead follow-up. He even reaches out to people that have unsubscribed from the home search updates that his website provides! Nick has amazing enthusiasm and genuine compassion that is apparent in each video he sends, allowing him to create a strong connection with his clients and make them feel special.

7 Ken Mucha

Team Birtola High Desert Realty | Bend, OR

Ken Mucha Winner

Ken has been using BombBomb for four years and to this day, he has one of the best testimonial stories we’ve heard. In fact, we’ve used the story in many of our presentations to show off the importance of using personal background props to connect with your clients. Ken has sent a total of 3,500 videos from BombBomb and uses it for both one-to-one and one-to-many videos. He combines a personal intro with a produced video that congratulates the customer on their home purchase. He even uses the screen recorder feature to explain difficult contracts and processes and eliminate confusion.

8 High Performance

RE High Performance RE Advisors | Keller Williams | Charlotte, NC

High Performance Real Estate, Real Estate Video Influencers

This is a company that has their entire team using BombBomb! Their video total has reached 10,000 and is among the top five accounts in our entire system. High Performance RE is using video to put a face to a name with new leads, better explain complex topics, and more!

9 Macarena Rose

Belize Rainforest Realty | Keller Williams | San Ignacio Cayo District Belize

Macarena Rose, Real Estate Video Influencers

THIS IS A COMPANY THAT HAS THEIR ENTIRE TEAM USING BOMBBOMB! Their video total has reached 10,000 and is among the top five accounts in our entire system. High Performance RE is using video to put a face to a name with new leads, send out market updates, respond to hot leads, check in, better explain complex topics, and more!

10 Ryan Gossett

The Pinnacle Team | Chicago, IL

Photo of Ryan Gossett, Real Estate Video Influencers

Ryan also uses video for a wide variety of reasons, but especially for lead follow-up. He’s following up with videos for people who are just not quite ready to buy and helping them feel at ease while still showcasing his industry knowledge. He even created an amazing five-email drip campaign that he sends to all new leads that feels personal and entices potential buyers to ask questions!

Honorable Mentions

11 The Tom Toole Sales Group

RE/MAX Main Line | West Chester, PA

Tom’s team is killing it with their video marketing strategy. They are sending personalized videos pre- and post- appointment to every potential client. They’re also utilizing video text from our app for post-appointment follow-up, allowing them to build rapport and get the video right into their clients and prospects hands.

12 Ruby Miranda

Keller Williams Preferred | Houston, TX

In just two years, Ruby and her team have sent 2,661 BombBomb videos. Ruby brands herself as the “Texas Queen of Real Estate,” and we love how she keeps this up by wearing a tiara in her personal videos. Ruby acts so real and natural on camera, allowing her clients to feel like they are working with a close friend!

13 Shawn Bell

Century 21 Canada | Lloydminster, SK

Shawn uses BombBomb extremely well every day to update clients on how many views they’re getting on their online listings, update clients on pricing for houses to show comparables, and send introductions to new customers. Shawn is another agent using the screen recorder to help really improve his communication with clients, and it’s making a major difference!

14 Mark + Laura Anderson

Keller Williams Premier Realty | Vadnais Heights, MN

Mark and Laura have been BombBomb users for six years and in that time, they’ve sent 2,246 videos! We love their birthday videos because they actually take the time to sing the song, and they feel so warm and wonderful to watch. Mark and Laura are also using video to send out multiple choice questions that their clients can answer for a chance to win a gift card. This a great way to encourage engagement in your emails!

15 Michael Nathanson

RE/MAX Services | Boca Raton, FL

Michael Nathanson is another longtime BombBomb client who began using our platform in 2014 and has sent 2,254 videos since. He’s not the only one using BombBomb now either – he’s gotten his team to implement video into their strategy as well. He has built his business on personal touch and continues to build relationships through video every day.

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