Hack Week 2016: A Look Inside and Ahead with BombBomb

Last Updated March 8th, 2016

Hack week. A week for play. And for exploration.

Pick your own project. Pick your own team – or choose to work alone.

Bring your best. But fear not failure.

Touching on all 5 of BombBomb’s core values, our software development team recently wrapped up our second annual hack week.


What’s a hack week? Here’s a go at it by Spotify.

In short: our developers run with their own ideas in the spirit of fun and autonomy – plus a hint of competition. At the end of the week, each person or team presents their project to the entire company.


Take a look inside BombBomb, see what we’re working on, and find out what hack week means for you.

And after you check out the projects, VOTE for your favorite!


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BombBomb’s Inaugural Hack Week

Our initial hack week event produced several projects that benefit the entire BombBomb community. Among them:

  • Instrument Everything – a process to count and measure everything, to gain deeper insight into the inner workings of the video email marketing platform
  • Customer Dispenser – a tool to reach out to our customers to say “thanks for being a customer!” (if you’ve not received one yet, you will)
  • Live Feed – the foundation for our live tracking feed inside the Gmail inbox (click here for more)

These projects and others launched during our first hack week continue to evolve and continue to bear beautiful fruit.

Naturally, we schedule another week of free range software development.


6 Projects from Hack Week 2016


1. Where’s My Email?

Team: Patrick & Brandon
Status: Live. See it at time of Send or from the email Track screen.
Goal: Better tracking and reporting on emails in transit, including handoff to the receiving server.

Patrick McDavid, BombBomb, software development, email marketing, email delivery, tracking email, email sending


video email, email sending, email marketing, email delivery, tracking email, BombBomb, hack week
Track your email sending live in real time at the time of Send.


BombBomb, video email, email sending, send report, tracking
See delivery details from the Track screen in on any email in your account.


2. Facial and Emotion Recognition & Analysis

Team: Jeremy
Status: Ongoing. Mid/back burner. We’ll continue pushing this forward to help people record and send more effective videos
Goal: Start measuring human aspects of video – including smiles, emotion, gender, age, and more. Lay the groundwork for correlation with play rates and play durations.

BombBomb, video email, video data, facial recognition, emotional expression, video data, data analysis


video email, attention, detection, facial recognition, face detection, BombBomb, video email
Face detection knows when Jeremy’s smiling (orange), looking at the screen (blue), or looking away (white).


facial recognition, face detection, emotion, emotional expression, BombBomb, video email, video recorder
Turns out, software’s pretty good at determining gender and emotion, but not so good at guessing age. Also: women smile in their thumbnail images at twice the rate of men (about 60% to 30%). More to come!


3. Account-Wide Reporting

Team: Cheech, Zech, Amanda
Status: Ongoing.
Goal: Give you reporting and analytics for your entire account, not just for a given email, video, form, or contact.

BombBomb, video email, email tracking, email analytics, email reporting, marketing reports, video reports


video email, video email engagement, engagement map, mapping, reporting, BombBomb
Among the various ways we’re rolling up your account tracking and analytics: geographic mapping.


email engagement, video email engagement, email reporting, video reporting, video email marketing, BombBomb, mapping
We’ll also show you detail by geography – and a lot more not pictured here.


4. Leaderboards

Team: Jeremiah
Status: Iterative testing.
Goal: Help you compare your video email engagement to those of other people across various groupings (like industry).

comparative analytics, video email, email engagement, email tracking, BombBomb, leaderboard, ranking, competition


5. DNS Configuration Checker

Team: Joel
Status: Live and advancing.
Goal: Watch for red flags. Check the domain names on new customer and trial accounts for any problems.

domain name, domain, reputation, sending, email sending, authorization check, DNS authorization, BombBomb, video email


DNS, SPF record, authorization, configuration, email delivery, email sending, BombBomb
Non-technical assessment: will have delivery trouble.


DNS configuration, SPF record, authorization, configuration, email delivery, email sending, BombBomb
Non-technical assessment: looks really bad.


6. Bomb Pops

Team: Brian
Status: Iterative testing.
Goal: Give you the ability to add clickable text, image, and gif annotations on your videos at in-times and for durations you choose. Think: in-video calls to action.

video clicks, video email, annotations in video, video annotation, text link, image link, gif link, BombBomb
Brian presenting Bomb Pops from Denver to our team in Colorado Springs.


BombBomb, video email, video annotations, link click, text link, image link, calls to action, video calls to action
Click that GIF-animated hawk laid over top of the video. Or don’t. It doesn’t do anything right now.


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